Arsht Center Repairs Will Cost Miami-Dade at Least $2.7 Million UPDATED

Ziff Ballet Opera House repairs will cost more than $2 million
See also "Arsht Center Floods During Lion King Performance."

Repairs to the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts necessitated by a busted water pipe will cost Miami-Dade County at least $2.7 million, according to a recent memo from Mayor Carlos Gimenez. While some of the costs are covered by an insurance policy, the county is on the hook for coming up with the rest of the money.

In his June 20 memo to county commissioners, Gimenez says his office is still assessing what the total cost of the damage will be. The hefty bill comes at a time when the mayor has made drastic cuts to employee benefits and reduced the number of county departments in an effort to plug large holes in the county budget.

UPDATE: Gimenez will ask county commissioners at their regularly scheduled meeting tomorrow to set aside $5 million from an annual operating subsidy provided to the Performing Arts Center Trust to cover the repairs.

Gimenez told commissioners that the county can use convention development tax money, but he did not rule out other sources, including Miami-Dade's general fund. One option that is not on the table: Private funds raised by the performing arts center's foundation. Although Gimenez spokesman Suzy Trutie says the mayor is still evaluating the county's options.

The repairs are needed after a torrential downpour this past May 20 caused a storm pipe in the ceiling to fail. Water cascaded throughout the Ziff Ballet Opera House during a performance of The Lion King and forced theater goers to evacuate the premises.

According to Gimenez's memo, the water damaged the ceiling, hallways, several restrooms, stair finishes, base boards, electrical equipment, fire alarms, and two elevators. In order to reopen the opera house two days after the leaks, the Performing Arts Center Trust, which runs the facility, brought in crews to remove the standing water and dehumidify the opera house.

Those quick fixes, along with the inspections to reopen, cost an estimated $1.3 million, Gimenez says. He added that it will require at least another $1.4 million to demolish damaged areas. His administration is waiting on estimates for the reconstruction costs.

The $473 million performing arts center is owned by the county and opened in 2006, two years behind schedule and more than $218 million over budget.

UPDATE: Earlier this afternoon, Gimenez placed a request to authorize the use of the $5 million the annual subsidy on the county commission agenda. According to Gimenez, the county was able to shave off $600,000 off the initial clean-up and demolition costs. However, the mayor says the actual cost of reconstruction has not been determined.

06.20.12 Status Report on Arsht Center

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Upset Voter
Upset Voter

Typical.  County and City Commissioners plus the respective Mayors force the taxpayers to pay over $1 BILLLION to pay for the ugly Performing Arts Center Buildings and we continue to learn the construction was shoddy.  Bill Johnson now head of the Port of Miami was in charge.  Idiot.  


Why don't commissioners donate from their approx. $12MILLION annual  discretionary funds" (slush fund) for the repairs?

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 Joint ventures, the taxpayers always get F in the as. the miami heat, miami marlins, jungle island,new Miami Art Museum,the tunnel to nowhere the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and so on

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