Black Lesbians Are So Pissed at Jennifer Carroll Right Now

Yesterday, Florida's lieutenant governor, Jennifer Carroll, laughed off accusations that she was caught in her office with a female aide between her legs by saying, "Usually black women that look like me don't engage in relationships like that." That remark has enraged black women who engage in relationships like that. Twitter and Carroll's official Facebook page have been inundated with angry messages.

Though Carroll's accuser, Carletha Cole, a former aide who was fired and now faces felony charges for recording conversations in the lieutenant governor's office, has passed a polygraph test, no real evidence has surfaced to suggest that Carroll was carrying on a lesbian affair with another aide, Beatriz "Bibi" Ramos. If the claims are indeed baseless, the whole episode would have eventually blown over, but Carroll erred by making an offensive comment that fanned the flames. As the Atlantic Wire put it, she basically gave a master class in "how not to respond to a sex scandal."

The Huffington Post's Gay Voice section has launched a #ThisIsWhatALesbianLooksLike campaign on Twitter in which women who engage in "relationships like that" show what they look like.

Here's a sampling of the messages that have wound up on Carroll's Facebook page:

carroll fb4.jpg
Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll Accused of Lesbian Fling With Top Aide
Lt. Gov. Carroll: "Black Women That Look Like Me" Aren't Lesbians

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Thank you @doriaroberts for starting the  #thisiswhatalesbianlookslike  campaign and thank you @huffingtonpost  for picking up the torch when she asked for help getting the ball rolling. It is important for everyone gay or straight to see that we are as diverse as anyone else. I spent a long time running from who I was because I was only exposed to stereotypes as a child. I had long painted nails and long feathered hair but I kept being told lesbians looked like men and gay men acted like women. None of this was judgmental, only matter of fact when I would ask, "mommy, why does she look like a man?" The response was, "Oh, because she's a lesbian honey."  It was only when I was finally exposed to a broader cross section of gay lesbian and bi-sexual people that I realized I could be gay and be myself. Now, I fall somewhere comfortably in the middle of who I was and who I was told I had to be if I were gay.  


What do you expect from anyone who works with Rick Scott?

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