Florida Man Beats Toddler Boy for Mispronouncing Sister's Name

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David Lee Sinnett, a 32-year-old Bartow, Florida man, sits behind bars for beating a two-year-old boy with a wire clothes hanger for mispronouncing his sister's name. Even worse, the boy suffers from a speech impediment. Police, however, did not immediately release the relationship between Sinnett and the boy.

According to Bay News 9, the boy was admitted to a hospital early Wednesday morning with a black eye. Bruises on both sides of his face, a shoulder, the middle of his back, and rear end were also discovered. The beating was so bad that an orbital bone, a bone around the eye, was fractured. Doctors say that could lead to permanent vision problems and even blindness.

Police showed up and questioned Sinnett. He admitted that he was frustrated that the boy couldn't pronounce his sister's name correctly, and though that despite the boy has a speech impediment, he just wasn't trying hard enough. Sinnett however claims he only hit the boy on the butt because of the mispronunciation. He claims however that he beat him again because he came to close to an electrical socket, and that the boy suffered the facial injuries when he fell off a skate board.

Sinnett, who has a long criminal record and spent five years in jail for an aggravated assault conviction, was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse.

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What a sickie.  He needs to be beat to death for b eing so dumb.


white males abusing babies......and again!

Baby Boy Name
Baby Boy Name

That is lame thing at least for a 32 old Guy when bulling over a 2 year old boy Shame on you David .

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