Florida Man Pulls Gun on Girlfriend Who Broke His Bong

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Nothing instantly harshes chill vibes like breaking a bong, but it's not something worth going to jail over.

Brandon Chviek, a 20-year-old resident of Gainesville, Florida, was arrested last week after he got in a violent argument with his girlfriend and then pulled a gun on her after she broke his beloved bong.

Chviek has lived with his girlfriend for the past six months. But after his girlfriend broke his bong, Chviek grabbed his gun and pointed it at her. According to the Gainesville Sun, it was a semiautomatic, .22-caliber pistol with an altered serial number. She later told police she thought she was going to die.

While still holding the gun, Chviek hit the victim so hard she fell to the ground. He then got on top of her, pushed his arm into the back of her neck, and then flipped her over and choked her.

The girlfriend was able to escape and showed up in the lobby of a local Sheriff's Office with bruises and scratches on his body. Police later arrived at the apartment. He too had scratches obtained while the woman was trying to defend herself, but told police he got them while goofing off with a friend. He also denied the allegations, but said the girlfriend tried to trap him in the apartment, and he may have injured her while trying to escape.

He let deputies search the apartment. They couldn't find the gun, but they did find bullets and drug paraphernalia. He was charged with domestic battery and strangulation, aggravated assault and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Incidentally this is Chviek's Facebook profile default picture.

He's also a member of the group "Im PROUD 2 say : I DONT SMOKE WEED!" which he joined in 2010. The latest update on the page says, "Everyone that liked this group before now smokes weed. Lol."

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Tub, that is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Believe me, pot didn't make you that dumb. Just like it didn't make the guy in this article a violent idiot.

observant reader
observant reader

People want to legalize this stuff because we're hoping either A: ignorant a-holes get a clue B: The rest of us will be stoned enough that ignorance becomes amusing again C: oh yeah, we could balance the stupid flipping budget.

Robin Camille
Robin Camille

Please. Marijuana did not turn this man into a random act of violence woman beater. You tried weed twice and bought a gun? What kind of idiot are you?


Oh please.  His completely separate issue of mental instability caused this...marijuana did not turn him into an abusive woman beater.


I know, seep. I smoked pot a few times and the second time the dealer offered to sell me a gun. I was so high I just said "ok". Guns feel like a very good decision when you're stoned. Later I used that gun to persuade my neighbor into cleaning up her side of the yard. She didn't think it was funny. But then, she wasn't high either.


and people want to legalize this stuff??????????? ??

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