Guys Who Made "Miami Zombie" Prank Video End Up in Jail on Felony Charges After Another Prank Goes Wrong

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Remember Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Jonathan Vanegas? They're the Palm Beach County guys who decided it would be a good idea to have one of them dress up as a zombie and scare black people while the other filmed it for YouTube. Well, the Jackass-wannabes tried to follow it up with a new prank in which one posed as a Russian gangster, and it didn't go so well.

They got attacked by their prank victim, and one of them wound up in jail on felony charges. The other also could face charges. Updated: Zdorovetskiy has been arrested as well. 

Of course, they still decided to post the video on YouTube:

The latest video was filmed just the past Friday outside of a Publix supermarket in Boca Raton. Zdorovetskiy appears on camera, while Venegas films the action.

The pair decided that for their Zombie followup Zdorovetskiy would dress up as a Russian hitman and place a briefcase by a stranger. He'd then tell the prank victim that they had 60 seconds to run away from the briefcase.

Vanegas' mugshot 
Once again the two decided to target African Americans with their prank, but 51-year-old Andre Brown was not having it. In the video, he chases after Zdorovetskiy and then Venegas. The video then cuts out but starts again with Brown yelling, "You trying to get a laugh? I'm not a motherfucker you laugh at."

Brown continues yelling at the pair for several minutes. Brown also continues to ask them to stop filming, but the pranksters lie about turning their video camera off and continue filming.

"I was already having a bad day, and then you motherfuckers come over here and you done make it worse."

However, the story doesn't end with what's caught on video.

According to The Sun-Sentinel, police arrived. Details are sketchy, but Venegas ended up being arrested on felony 
Zdorovetskiy's mugshot
charges of making a bomb hoax.

Zdorovetsky was not arrested, but the police reports said there is probable cause that he too could be charged. Brown does not face charges.

"The bomb squad came. Can you believe that?" Zdorovetskiy told The Sentinel. "The bomb squad came for this prank. It's unbelievable how law is these days."

It's also unbelievable what people will do to score YouTube hits these days.

The pair says they will continue make videos and that they make money off of them, but we kind of agree with Mr. Brown's advice to them: "Next time bitch, don't do that dumb shit."

Update: Zforovetskiy was arrested last night on the same felony bomb hoax charges. 

In case you're up for more dumb humor, we've embedded a couple of the duo's other videos on the next page.

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I've got two comments:  One, these two little bitches bit off more than they could chew.  They're wannabe badasses who get off on terrorizing people.  They don't have a statement to make,  They don't have a purpose, they don't have "something to say to society."  They have NO IDEA what that idealism even means.  There's a big difference between wanting to cause terror for the purpose of laughter versus pulling a "prank" where there isn't a situation created where someone would actually feel threatened enough to blow someone's head off.  You cannot play "jokes" on someone where there is a life or death matter concerned, such as acting like you're going to attack someone because it wastes police resources and/or people who are threatened have a right to fight back which can result in personal injury or death.  Grow up.  This isn't about "Why can't someone take a joke/"  You have to think beyond that.  I live in Oklahoma.  Someone comes onto my property acting like they're gonna attack me, I have news for you, every other mutherfucker in this state has a loaded gun on them, in their glove box, or by their front door.  And if you still think it's no big deal, then have common sense enough to get that it doesn't matter if YOU think it's a big deal, what matters is if the GUY WITH A GUN thinks it's the big deal.  Get it?My other comment is this:  If there is anything you should take away from this video it is that black people are not violent, gun-toting, threats to society.  They're regular people doing what regular people do.  This other asshole, on the other hand, dresses like a cannibal and goes around town laughing his ass off.You think people care about the motive of someone?  You come on my property and I think you're gonna hurt me, I can blow you head off.  You never had to make a move.  You come at me like that, I can blow your head off, you never had to fucking eat my brain (other video of their's) whatever a Russian gang member does :/  Do you understand a little better now?


...could have felt threatened and shot!


I'm surprised the zombie guys didn't react like this or even way worse. Seriously. Dude chose the WORST spots in mia. Do I have to say something as cliche as "mess with fire you'll get burned?". Time and place bro. For the record, I'm all for shit like this. Just be a little more smart about it haha


@girlmontag LOL look at this faggot trying to convince everyone he's not a bitch in real life.

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