Is Jeb Bush Preparing His 2016 Presidential Campaign?

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Jeb Bush, whose main job since leaving Florida's governor's mansion has been not running for president, will continue the busy duties of not running for president this October by keynoting the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner in Sioux City, Iowa.

Of course, if the American media knows one thing, it's that the only reason major politicians attend seemingly random events in Iowa is because they want to be president one day.

Iowa basically is famous for two things: corn, and its first-in-the-nation presidential caucus.

"Cue speculation that Bush is laying the groundwork," writes the Buzz.

"Guess who's headed to Iowa? File this one under 2016...or 2020.," says ABC News.

"Jeb fans, start your engines," says Politico.

"The Caucus 2016 race is on?" asks the Des Moines Register.

Clearly a man who has been at the center of presidential speculation since his brother left office cannot visit the first state to cast ballots during the primary season without speculation that he's going to run for president.

Maybe he just really likes corn?

In related news, another former Florida governor, Charlie Crist, who has been really busy not running for governor again as a Democrat, continued to not run for governor as a Democrat recently by penning an op-ed piece criticizing Rick Scott's policies.

Those former Florida governors, always so busy not running for something or another.

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drakemallard topcommenter



in this time of war , we are thankful that OUR leader isn't the spoiled son of a powerful politician from a wealthy oil family who is supported by religious fundamentalists, operates through clandestine organizations, has no respect for the democratic electoral process, bombs innocents, and uses war to deny people their civil liberties. Amen.




Bush's Foreign Policy: Like Father, Like Son=IRAQ


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