Batman Screening Scare: Man Arrested for Causing Panic in Miami Beach Movie Theater

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David Escamillo's mugshot from a previous arrest.
David Escamillo was arrested last night for causing a panic during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises at the Regal multiplex on South Beach. The 44-year-old screamed, "This is it!" from the back of the theater, and later yelled, "I didn't shoot anybody" once outside the theater. The scare follows the tragic murders during a screening of the same film in Aurora, Colorado.

Police received a call about possible gunfire at the cinema, possibly prompted by Escamillo's shouting that he "didn't shoot anybody." Thankfully, no shots were actually fired.

According to CBS Miami, witnesses say that Escamillio was seated toward the back of the theater when he got up and started oddly walking up and down the stairway. He then got into a verbal fight with another movie-goer and briefly left the theater.

He then returned and shouted ,"This is it." The shout caused a panic, and about 100 movie-goers rushed toward the exit. Three men grabbed Escamillio and held him until police arrived.

He started loudly shouting that he hadn't shot anyone, apparently aware of what kind of fear shouting something threatening during a screening of this particular movie would prompt.

Police arrived to find Escamillio agitated and smelling of alcohol. He was arrested on charges of causing a disturbance and starting a fight in a public place.

Escamillo has a history of arrest and was once charged with aggravated assault with a firearm.

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in the words of our forefathers "this situation calls for a double tap"

drakemallard topcommenter

If you'd listened to me, he would be neutralised already.

Dan Luna
Dan Luna

Despite the fact that Captain Assface wasn't armed, kudos to the three guys who tackled his dumb ass and held him for the cops. What a stoopid thing to do buddy.

Lisa Concepcion
Lisa Concepcion

Went to see Dark Knight last night at 8:15 on Lincoln and Donald Sutherland was in the theater with us. I was on such high asskicking alert. Men would get up walk out, come back and I was eyeing them down the whole time.

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