Mike Alberta Talks TransHumanism, Aliens With Artist Magali Boehlen

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Jacob Katel
Michael Anthony Alberta
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Mike Alberta has a portrait of Albert Einstein on the left side of his head, and one of Stephen Hawking on the back of it.

He's also a featured character in this week's cover story on the extreme fringes of body art.

We shot a video with him, then got high on South Beach, and talked aliens with a masseuse we met walking her dog.

In the above video, Alberta talks TransHumanist theory. He says, "Fundamentally TransHumanism would be altering one's body to the point where they're no longer human. Y'know, what happens when we start throwing chips in our brain to make our children super intelligent?"

We went next door to the liquor store, where a guy named Buddha sold us a Blueberry Executive, then we took to the streets, fired up, and Alberta talked about the human body being a microcosm of the planet and how building structures over the vortexes of the Earth's chakra points fundamentally changes the planet's vibrations.

We then decided to ask someone on the street about TransHumanism and the first person we met was local healer, artist, and licensed massage therapy instructor Magali Boehlen, who was walking her dog along Meridian Avenue.

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