Mike Miller Will Return to the Heat Next Year

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Mike Miller, the three-point hero of game six, will not be retiring this year and plans to return to the Heat. Oh, sure, all signs pointed to retirement: he just auctioned off his South Florida home, and he was playing with a painful grimace during the playoffs. But he's hopeful he won't even need surgery before returning next season.

"The plan is to avoid surgery," Miller told The Herald. "We're doing everything we can. I fully intend on being ready for training camp."

Miller has talked to noted neurological surgeon Barth Green, and the two have decided he won't need surgery to play a full season. In fact, Miller said that if he had needed the surgery he probably would have retired.

"The problem with not having surgery is it doesn't go away," he told The Miami Herald. "the doctor says it looks fantastic. So we're going to continue to rehab it and see how it goes."

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Three-point hero of game five. Try not to fuck up the article 8 words into it.

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