North Miami Church Burns After Kids Set Off Fireworks on Roof

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It wasn't a happy Fourth of July for the the Pilgrim Evangelical Church in North Miami. The place of worship caught fire and was practically gutted by fire yesterday, and kids playing with fireworks on the church's roof might be to blame.

"Some kids were playing on the roof of the building, and [witnesses] told me [the kids were playing with] firecrackers," Rev. James Pestuerin told WSVN. "They set the fire, and when the fire was set, they ran. That's what the neighbors told me."

Come on, kids -- the Holy Ghost is supposed to light an eternal flame in your soul, not lead you to lighting a temporary flame on a church roof. However, officials have not yet confirmed the source of the fire.

Firefighters were able to put out the flames, but what remains of the church is practically uninhabitable. Reverend Pestuerin says the church does not have insurance and that service on Sunday will likely be held in a tent in the parking lot.

The westbound lanes of NW 119th Street, near 12th Avenue, were also shut down until 10 a.m. today as a result of the fire.

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Thank you very much and you can reach him at (305)300-7569 or 782-277-3924


Thank you very much and you can reach him at (305)300-7569 or 786-277-3924


We have chairs to donate but need someone to tranport them to the site at 13th Ave and 119th street.  We have about100 chair and need a panel truck to deliver them.  Unable to reach Rev Jame Pestuerin as phone 305-681-6511 is disconnected.  Does anyone have another telephone number or able to transport chairs ? Mike Dondl Tropical Trailer Leasing 9475 NW 89th Avenue Medley, FL 33178 Phone 305-885-6047

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