Olympic Ratings: Miami's Not That Interested

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Two years ago, the Miami market lead the nation in viewership of the World Cup, so you'd figure we'd be really into all international sporting competitions. Apparently not so much. NBC has released its ratings by markets, and the Miami market didn't even crack the top 20. Which is odd, considering two bordering TV markets are watching in droves.

The London games are pulling in the best ratings in history for an Olympics, but Miamians aren't helping that much.

West Palm Beach, however, is pulling in record numbers. That market pulled in the second highest ratings for the Opening Ceremony with a 26.8/48 rating. That means 26.8 of all TVs in the market were tuned to the Olympics, and 48 percent of people actually watching TV were watching the Olympics. The three-day average for viewership for WPB so far is 22.6/38. That's good for the 11th highest in the nation. Meanwhile, the Fort Myers market is so far 10th in the nation with a three day average of 22.8/41.

Since NBC has only released ratings for the top 20 markets, the ratings for the Miami market (which includes Fort Lauderdale) are unknown. Perhaps as sports like soccer and basketball heat up we'll see a jump in local ratings.

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Thanks for analyzing the poll numbers.  The world would be a cold, sad place without your insight.

Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams

I think the majority of the Miami-Dade voting public is growing weary of the "Putney/Gimenez/Martinez Traveling Roadshow". People want ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, and INTEGRITY and if they VOTE HELEN B. WILLIAMS on AUGUST 14th, that is exactly what they will get. www.helenwilliamsformayor.com

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