Rosita Hidalgo: Transgender Murder on South Beach

Miami Beach police

Hector Sarna isn't surprised that his friend Rosita Hidalgo was killed. As a transgender woman who was a sex worker, she was putting herself at risk. He warned her that one of the men she brought home would hurt her, or worse. He remembers a day almost a year ago when a man client beat Rosita after finding out she was once a man. Hector told her to be more careful.

But Hector didn't expect her to be gagged and stabbed and slashed in her apartment. That's how he found her March 15. No one had heard from Rosita in a few days, and one of her friends became worried. So Hector called the Miami Beach police, who went to Rosita's apartment at 545 Michigan Ave. Hector was with them. Officers opened the door just enough to see the blood pooling on the floor.

In the four months since Rosita's death, Hector has prayed that the police or someone else would tell him why Rosita was killed. But he has received no answers -- no suspects nor arrests. The MBPD issued a press release in April, stating that all they knew about the murder was that Rosita was a transvestite and a prostitute who sold herself on the street. Neither of those descriptions is correct.

"They're not doing all they can," Hector says. "Four months, and still to this moment, nothing." Little is known about the case. Rosita came to the United States from Cuba as Rene Hidalgo in 1980 on the Mariel boatlift.

She left her homeland to avoid persecution over being gay, says Jorge Ortega, a Miami Beach hairdresser who knew Rosita on the island. According to Hector, Rosita transitioned to a woman soon after arriving. She lived on South Beach and owned
two Chihuahuas. She was a small-time escort, bringing men to her apartment for sex and to smoke pot. She had no family here, and the money she made she sent home to Cuba to support her mother. But even those details are scant and difficult
to confirm. Despite 30 years in Miami, Rosita disappeared from the city in the blink of an eye.

Violence against transgenders has been on a steady rise, activists say. But the motives for the murder, be it a hate crime or a random act of violence, are unknown, because MBPD won't comment about the ongoing investigation.

So Hector waits. He took in Rosita's Chihuahuas, organized a candlelight vigil after her death, tried to rally media coverage, and pressed the police to release more details. "She didn't deserve to die like this," he says.

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Sometimes people need to hear the truth to wake up...the liberals live in la la land on other people's money. The dregs of society need to be told to wake up that we aren't going to support this nonsense anymore!!! Some tough love is necessary...


Liberals?  Other people's money?  It is evident you are struggling financially or have some identity issues of your own.  FIND A BETTER JOB.  Your argument has no relevance to the issue at hand: MURDER.  Tough love?  Seriously?  Clearly, you know nothing about love.  


One day you will realize that we are all mirrored images of each other, but chances are, you won't have the depth necessary  to understand what that means.


 @TaxpayerTom Let us begin with some education Taxpayer Tom.  #1 You are correct.  No one deserves to die like this.  #2 LEGALLY, Rosita Hidalgo is a WOMAN.  READ.  RESEARCH.  THEN share your EDUCATED opinion.  


Forget what she was, AGAIN, LEGALLY SHE IS A WOMAN.  Her lifestyle, most would agree, is surely a path of risk and danger.  HOWEVER, SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE LIKE A SLAUGHTERED ANIMAL.  Any man that PAYS for SEX is ALSO taking a risk.  Should we say that if the tables were reversed that your philosophy of "if you live by the sword you die by the sword" is just?  NO.


#3 Taxpayers DO NOT PAY for anything regarding sexual reassignment for people with Gender Identity Disorder.  EDUCATE YOURSELF.  


Is your argument about money??  Of course there is no "pity" on your part.  What you see is: prostitute, transexual, "criminal."  What about HUMAN BEING??????


As a society we are becoming desensitized and it scares the living hell out of me.  PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE.  PERIOD.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  


She may have been traveling through a path of darkness...but it is not my place to judge.  Unlike you, I am sad for her.  That was her life.  It is sad. 


 @TaxpayerTom Because Victim blaming always works well. WHy dont you, as a bigot, shut your mouth and do some actual research before shooting your mouth off and proving just how much you DON'T know?


@TaxpayerTom Your blatant ignorance had me register just to comment here for the first time. The hystory of your posts shows the severity of your issues, your anger started to take over any attempt of " just making a comment " and has turned clear that you have a very personal agenda towards this case. I would say that you either knew this woman / transgender , were one of her clients, are also either gay or transgender, or as a man have been " fooled " by an attractive transvestite or transgender before. Either one your hatred is very clear. Stop. It is not looking good for you. The decay is apparent.



 I shouldn't even dignify YOUR nonsense with a response, but I find it interesting how you began your first post: "OK - No one deserves to die like that, period."


That was what is called a FAILED attempt at concealing your bias.  Your description of the victim as a "degenerate" and "tranny" invalidates any false empathy you initially tried to convey.


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