Trailer for the Dolphin's Hard Knocks Season Looks Like Every Miami TV Show Opening Ever

The Miami Dolphins foray into reality TV is almost upon us as HBO's Hard Knocks premieres on August 7, and the premium channel released the first footage in the form of a trailer today. It looks ... just about like the opening montage of every single television series set in Miami ever, except with a little bit more football.

Basically the message here is, "Look how pretty South Beach is! Oh, here's some shit about a football training camp actually happening in Davie, but look here's some bikini-clad asses!"

CBS Sports points out that it basically looks like the opening to CSI: Miami, except with football stuff inside of science stuff.

We kind of think it looks a lot more like the opening for Miami Vice:

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what are you, stupid? of course it looks like other openers. they are all in Miami. did you expect them to show screenshots of Cleveland? Show the city, show the players. pretty simple formula, ace. bikinis bother you? just go watch some men's wrestling.


You do realize that is not the official Miami Vice opening montage? 


Actually it premieres August 7th.

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