Thief Steals Metrorail Security Guard's Gun in Hialeah UPDATED

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A security guard at a Metrorial station in Hialeah had her gun and gun belt stolen from her at a Hialeah station early Tuesday morning. Police are now searching for the subject.

Police say the incident happened early Tuesday morning. According to WSVN, the guard was working at the East 21st Street and First Avenue stop in Hialeah when the alleged thief stole her gun and gun belt and then took off.

Cops responded to the scene but are still looking for a suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

This is the latest embarrassment for Wackenhut, the private company whose guards patrol the rail system. Two high-level company employees had been hit with racketeering charges for overbilling the county, but those charges were dropped in 2011.

Update: Wackenhut no longer patrols the Metrorail system. The employee might work for either 50 States Security or Professional Private Investigations, the companies hired after Wackenhut's dismissal.

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Security guards Perth are always alert and I only hear a few stories like this. That security guard is lucky that the criminal did not decide to shoot her because criminals nowadays are really tough to handle especially when they are under the influence of drug.

Tony Cantero
Tony Cantero

This guard was not properly trained to have her gun and duty belt stolen from her.  As an armed guard, you're suppose to be aware of your surroundings and ALWAYS suspicious of anyone within close range to attack.  It's likely this guy came up from behind her when she was assaulted.  I use to be an armed guard, and I always had my PR24 baton ready in one hand if someone were to catch me off guard.  I think the sight of my baton ready in one hand is what prevented me from being attacked.   

Sir Sausage
Sir Sausage

Might as well strike out that entire paragraph where you brought up Wackenhut


Wackenhut is no longer contracted to guard the station. The company is called 50 State.

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