Two Hurt by Falling Bullets Outside Biltmore Hotel on Fourth of July

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Despite a campaign from local authorities and a stern, profanity-ridden warning from Riptide, someone out there still decided it was a good idea to shoot his or her gun into the air during the Fourth of July. However, what goes up must come down, and the bullets hit two revelers outside the fancy Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, of all places in Miami-Dade County.

>After a six-year hiatus, the Biltmore once again decided to hold their annual fireworks brouhaha, and wouldn't you know it, things turned tragic.

Anaid Romero was one of the victims hurt by the falling bullets.The bullet pierced her forearm, but luckily missed muscle and arteries.

"I just felt something wet on me and I looked down and I had blood everywhere," Romero tells NBC Miami. "I stood up right away because I thought something was hitting me."

An unidentified older man was also hit by the falling bullets, and was hit in his hand between his thumb and index figure. Several cars around the Biltmore hotel were also pierced.

Luckily both victims were near police and first aid, and were able to receive help.

Because the gunshots went off during the fireworks display no one heard them, and no one has come forward to claim responsibility.

"I still don't understand shooting into the air on the Fourth of July and on New Year's. It happens," Romero tells the news station.

Neither do we Anaid, and we'll say it again: DO NOT FUCKING SHOOT YOUR GUNS INTO THE AIR DURING THE FOURTH OF JULY! This is the kind of ish that makes the rest of the country give us a side eye like we're some lawless third world country.

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It's the low intelligence, the uneducated and those who are just plain stupid...  and then these same people VOTE...  OMG.

GI Joe
GI Joe

Just bang yur pots and pans you crazy Cubans....sheesh. When in the United States behave like civilized people AND actually learn a few words of English after being in the country for 10 years. Seriously, 10 years and you can't speak any English...come on, that is insulting to the rest of us. I'm learning Spanish as a curtesy toward others in least learn SOME English after 10 years of being in the United States....


We are a third world lawless city, are you kidding me


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