Woman Tried to Smuggle Crack Pipe Into Florida Jail In Her Vagina

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Body scanners aren't just found in airports and apparently crack pipes aren't just found between your lips (of the mouth variety anyway).

Ronnie Ann Richards was being booked into a St. Lucie County jail when a body scan uncovered an object in her lady parts. Turned out it was a crack pipe.

Richards, 42 of Fort Pierce, was being booked into the jail on charges of cocaine possession on June 28. According to Off the Beat, a body scan found an object hidden in her vagina. Richards was strip searched, and an officer noticed something protruding out of her southern regions.

She was ordered to remove the object, and she pulled out a few tissues like her hoo-haa was a box of Kleenex and went through the body scan again. However, the object was still there. She was put in a security enclosure to be taken to the medical area of the jail, but when officers removed her from the security area they found a three-and-half-inch glass crack pipe on the floor. She was scanned once again and nothing was detected inside of her.

via Off the Beat
She now faces additional charges of trying to smuggle contraband into a jail.

Richards was also arrested in May on charges of grand theft auto and habitually driving with a suspended license.

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Raymond Torres
Raymond Torres

that is really something where this woman tried to hide a crack pipe

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