WSVN Falsely Reported Ray Allen Signed With the Heat Last Night Thanks to Fake Twitter Account

If you were watching WSVN's 11 p.m. newscast last night you were blasted with the news that Ray Allen had reached a 3-year, $11 million deal with the Miami Heat. You were also totally misinformed. Turns out WSVN got its scoop from a single source: a fake Twitter account.

Belkys Nerey alerted viewers of a "NEWS ALERT" (complete with big, gaudy graphics) shortly after the start of the 11 o'clock newscast and cut to sports reporter Mike DiPasquale. While it is indeed true that Ray Allen is currently in town holding talks with the Heat, there's been no announcement made as to whether he plans to take his talents to South Beach or stick with the Boston Celtics so far. DiPasquale however excitedly reported that he had chosen the Heat, and credited Yahoo! Sports.

Except, Yahoo! Sports reported no such thing. Though, a parody account of Yahoo! Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski did report the news according to Deadspin, and the station apparently ran with it both on air and Twitter.

Later in the night they issued this Tweet:

[Deadspin: Miami Fox Affiliate Breathlessly Reports Heat Signing Of Ray Allen They Learned From A Fake Twitter Account]

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Neil's Ghost
Neil's Ghost

If there is a map that needs to be squatted on.. Or a boss to be banged..... Or a dark smelly orifice to be filled with good vibrations..... Or a drunk hit and run after a Dolphins game...... Or a child molesting weatherman..... Or a drunk on air anchor...... Or the weather girl carpet munching the weekend anchor....... Then WSVN is for you!

ooo shi
ooo shi

I actually do remember the fake Yahoo report from maybe 3 or 4 days ago. It was actually on the Sports Illustrated site but credited to Wojnarowski. It said Ray Allen verbally agreed to a contract with the Heat. But, obviously, this was before he actually came to the city today. Then the story was deleted from the site. 


Couldnt have happen to anyone better.... FUCK WSVN.....


It's sad when the news is more worried about being one of the first and using twitter as a reliable source rather than their integrity

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