20 Celebrity Mugshots from Miami-Dade Jail

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It's not Friday yet, but there's no such thing as too many mugshots right? Miami attracts celebrities like moths to a light bulb, but unfortunately for some of them what happens in Miami doesn't stay in Miami. Miami-Dade's jail camera, AKA the in-house Paparazzi, has caught several celebrities checking in for jail time over the years.


Rick Ross
Rozay, perhaps the world's most famous former prison guard, found himself on the other side of the bars in 2008 when he faced felony charges of gun possession and misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession.

KelisBack in 2007 singer Kelis got arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest on South Beach after yelling at two undercover cops. She ended up getting cleared of all charges. She still filed suit against the MBPD, and claimed she was was a victim of racial profiling.

Larry King
Back when he was just a local broadcaster, future CNN legend Larry King was accused of grand larceny by a business partner (rumors about the arrest still circulate involving gambling debts or, oddly, trying to peddle influence with Richard Nixon's attorney general). He ended up pleading to lesser charges of writing bad checks. He was off the air for a while, but returned to Miami airwaves a few years later.

Big Boi
One of half of Outkast, Big Boi was arrested last year at the Port of Miami after a drug sniffing dog detected viagra, ecstasy and MDMA powder on his person. The charges will be dropped if he does community service and passes drug tests.

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Eva Jablonski
Eva Jablonski

Gotta love Mickey Rourke's happy drunk smile.

Terry St Angelo
Terry St Angelo

I'm old couse I remember when Morrison got arrested at the Dinner Key Auditorium lol

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