Connie Mack is Like Best Friends With Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Marco Rubio loves Nicki Minaj. We're just going to guess that World's Greatest Elevator Music Vol. 1 is Bill Nelson's favorite album of all time. But what does Republican Senate candidate Connie Mack IV listen to? Confederate flag-embracing rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd, of course.

According to Post on Politics, Mack will be introducing the band during an RNC-connected event in Tampa next week.

Mack's spokesman also says that the Mack has an autographed Skynyrd guitar sitting in his D.C. office. He's also friends with and neighbor of Skynyrd guitarist Rickey Medlocke.

This is Rickey Medlocke:

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OMG NO WAY.  Glad to see you concern yourself with bullshit rather than accurate reporting

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