Danell Leyva's Gold Dream Dashed By Japan's Kohei Uchimura; Leyva Takes Bronze in All-Around

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Danell Leyva
Read "Danell Leyva, Miami's Olympic Prodigy Goes for Gold," and "Danell Leyva, Team USA Fall Flat in Quest for Olympic Gold in Gymnastics."

Miami's Danell Leyva won a spot on the medal stand today, but he will only be showing off bronze hardware.

After his team's disappointing finish in the men's final on Monday, the Cuban-born Team USA gymnast posted a strong comeback this morning to snag a bronze medal in the all-around final to determine the world's best male gymnast. Leyva excelled on the parallel bars, high bar, and rings,but he had trouble with the pommel horse, the same apparatus that doomed Team USA to a fifth place finish two days ago.

It appeared his uneven performance on the pommel horse was enough to knock him out of medal contention, but Leyva -- who along with John Orozco were the only members of Team USA to qualify for the individual finals -- roared back. During his final routine, the high bar, Leyva left the announcers in awe.

"Leyva is doing some spectacular stuff on the high bar," noted David Enrich. "He's getting big air," added Stu Woo. He scored a 15.7 to put briefly put him in second place. As chants of "USA" reverberated throughout the North Greenwich Arena, Leyva was mobbed by his always-exuberant coach and step dad Yin Alvarez.

However, a solid routine on the high bars by Marcel Nguyen catapulted the German over Leyva. Neither gymnast were going to leapfrog Japan's Kohei Uchimura, the three-time world title champ who captured the gold as many gymnastics pundits had expected.

It wasn't exactly the story-book ending to Leyva's first Olympic experience. In addition to Team USA's poor showing, Leyva had to contend with a Deadspin report that published semi-nude photos of himself that he sent to a woman who was not identified by the sports website.

Leyva still has one last chance to take home a gold medal from London. He'll be competing in the finals for the high bars next Tuesday. 

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What Leyva did was amazing. He is a local hero. Hard to see how this is not a storybook ending...do you realize how the US traditionally done in men's gymnastics? I love it how the NewTimes focuses on the negative of local athletics.  I still remember how you gloated when the Heat lost the championship last year. Viva Leyva!!!!

By the way, only two guys from any one country are eligible to qualify for the finals, so stating that Leyva and Orozco were the only two from the US team to qualify for the finals is technically correct, but misleading.




bueno bronce es mejor que nada. #YaTuSabes


Maferefun Orunmila, Maferefun la Ocha!

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

If its widely reported why are bothering to regurgitate it? Obviously not everyone is glued to the tv 24/7 and there are many of us that still enjoy the element of surprise....you ass.

Viv Ian
Viv Ian

Looking forward to watching tonight!!!

Abel Alexander
Abel Alexander

For a newspaper, you guys are fucking dicks. I don't mind the edginess, but try not to be cunts all the time.

Miami New Times
Miami New Times

Oh noes! Life is over because I have some inkling of an already widely reported news. Alex, you'll live.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter




He has brought shame to himself, his family and most importantly his country.   If he has any honor he should never return to the country that gave him everything, especially his freedom and then thanks us with nothing but failure.

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

How the fuck do you expect people not to read the spoiler when the outcome is in the title... You ass.

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