Driver Dead After Car Flies Into North Miami Beach Nursing Home

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via NBCMiami
A red Honda Prelude went airborne early this morning and crashed right through the wall of a North Miami Beach nursing home. The driver, Enrique Linares, died and four others were injured.

Just after 1:30 a.m., Linares was speeding down US 1 when he hit an elevated curb, police say. He lost control of the car, and the curb him into the air. His vehicle crashed through a fence and eventually lodged into the side of Watercrest Care Center at 16650 W. Dixie Highway.

According to CBSMiami, Linares, who lives in Margate, had been driving to a friend's house to spend the night because he was having problems with his wife. The friend's house was just blocks away from where the fatal accident occurred. The friend actually heard the crash and went outside to discover that it was Linares' car. 

via CBSMiami

Linares was killed by the crash. 

Four residents of the nursing home who were sleeping at the time were injured. They were taken to the hospital, but those injuries were not life threatening. 

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Good job fixing "Flys" in the title (seriously, how did you pull off that typo?) and changing "taking" to "taken" in the last line.


"Killed by the crash" should be "in the crash"

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