Nudist Republican In Florida Breaks Barriers For Conservative Naked People Everywhere

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Jeffrey Goldmacher, in a rare clothed moment
Until recently, Jeffrey Goldmacher was just another Republican running for local office, a bald, mustachioed fellow promising to "streamline government" and cut spending. Now, thanks to an attack flier mailed to voters in his Orlando-area district, Goldmacher has become a true pioneer: An openly nudist conservative.

"At least there's one candidate who believes in transparency," he told an audience recently. "I have nothing to hide and no place to hide it."

The flier -- which is hilarious in its own right -- contrasts a grainy photo supposedly of a naked Goldmacher snorkeling with an obviously disapproving Ronald Reagan. Sent by a women's conservative group, it demands that voters "Say yes to decency and no to nudism and atheism on our county commission."

via Orlando Sentinel
Goldmacher hasn't run from the attacks, though. Instead, he emphasizes that he lives in a "clothing optional resort" -- the Cypress Cove Resort and Spa in Poinciana -- not a "nudist colony."

"Only lepers and ants live in colonies," Goldmacher tells the Orlando Sentinel.

Goldmacher, a 56-year-old retiree, also disputes the claim that he's an atheist -- he says he's Jewish but doesn't belong to a synagogue -- and says he won't promote nudism as a commissioner.

Nudist Republicans. We may have at last discovered the key swing vote in November's elections. When's the last time you went skinny dipping, Mittens?

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Oh my, the big secret is out.  But what you really don't realize is that the majority of nudists REALLY are Conservatives!  Between 65-70% of nudists are Republicans or Conservative Independents.  Absolute Truth.  It would be great if a news organization actually researched my claim (again, the truth) and published their findings.

So hell has frozen over and pigs CAN fly!  A Republican nudist; what fun!


We posted this on our Facebook page and most of the comments so far are along the lines of, "He's a REPUBLICAN?"  Seems that folks can expect anything from libs of but find it hard to believe that a conservative could like to skinny-dip once in awhile!  Ok, so he lives there.  Details, details...Actually, we count many prominent people within our nudist/naturist community, though there's an understandable tendency for them to remain rather anonymous for the obvious reasons.  Though the circumstances are different, some day perhaps we'll all be able to come out of our 'closets' and you'll find that, like some other notable heretofore invisible minorities, we've been all around you for a long time and nobody even noticed!


Oh, and as far as meeting some of us is concerned,  'nudist' dating sites are NOT the way to go if you want to meet real nudists.  If anyone's interested, our website is a good place to start!

Michael_Connolly 1 Like

At least this guy has nothing to hide! he is not hiding his lifestyle he just is nonchalant about it, the other dirt digging pollies are just muck raking as usual!

BeholdersEye 1 Like

Nude is not Rude! Why do you hate Gods Work of Art, so?

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