Florida Woman Lured Man to Her Home with Sex, But Had Her Cousins Rob and Beat Him Instead

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Rebecca Rodriguez
Like no good love stories before it, this one started at a West Florida gas station. An unidentified man met Rebecca Rodriguez there, and they exchanged numbers. After a bit of sexting, they agreed to meet at Rodriguez's home for a bit of a fill-up earlier this week. Rodriguez, however, had conspired with her cousins to beat and rob the man. The cousins also ended up stealing the man's car.

According to a new release from the Hernando County sheriff's office, Rodriguez actually masterminded the plan. She lured the man to her house, and instructed her three male cousins to wait outside the bedroom. She even set up a signal to initiate the planned attack. Once the cousins heard her moan "Oh, that feels so good," they were to rush in and begin the attack.

From left to right: Brigdare "BJ" Lopez, Joshua Rodriguez, and Jeremiah Rodriguez.
The cousins involved were Joshua Ray Lopez, 23, Jeremiah Rodriguez, 19, and Brigdare Lopez, 16.

Once they heard the signal, the three rushed the unsuspecting victim. They punched and kicked him, and even hit him on the back with a baseball bat.

After stealing money from his wallet, the three men blindfolded the victim and lead him to his own vehicle, a 1996 Honda Accord (you think they'd at least target a man with a nicer car, oh well). They then drove the man to a road in Brooksville, Florida and made him get out and walk away. The cousins then drove off in the car. They then abandoned the car in nearby Spring Hill, Florida.

There was of course one glaring hole in the plan: the victim knew where Rodriguez lived. Once he contacted police he gave them directions to the house. All four suspects were quickly identified, and three admitted their part in the crime.

Rodriguez and two cousins now face charges of kidnapping, grand theft auto, and unarmed robbery. Rodriguez, who has a history of arrest, also faces charges for violating probation. The cousins also face an additional charge of battery. Jeremiah Rodriguez is still at large, but once arrested will likely face the same charges.

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Going by her mugshot, this guy deserved to be beaten for wanting to sleep with her.


ransack: Go hurriedly through (a place) stealing things and causing damage.  You used the wrong word.  This is used when describing such an act against a house or object.  Example: "The criminals ransacked the house"


"The" in the following sentence should be "they"


"After stealing his wallet, the three men blindfolded the victim and lead him to his own vehicle" - change "lead" to "led" You started the next 2 sentences with "they then," this is too repetitive.  Rewrite this.


Joshua Ray Lopez?  Isn't his last name Rodriguez? There's multiple people with the same last name involved in this story. 


Perhaps you should have referred to them by their last name. Tell me something, how the hell do you still have a job with the newspaper?  Are you an unpaid intern?


Sounds like business as a handyman is going real well.

drakemallard topcommenter

 @HarryTheHandyman The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.

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