Gerald Posner Back in the Limelight In Biography Channel's Griselda Blanco Doc

Gerald Posner
Two years after Miami New Times exposed him as a serial plagiarist, Gerald Posner is still getting gigs as an investigative journalist. Last we heard of the disgraced Miami Babylon author, he was lawyerin' for Afghan President Hamid Karzai's brother Mahmood. That was five months after we exposed numerous instances in which Posner had plagiarized from other sources (including our own publication) for three of his published books, including Miami Babylon.

Now Posner is back in the limelight with a featured role in a program about Colombian cocaine queen Griselda Blanco that aired last week on the Biography Channel. Posner's appearance was a punch in the gut for Blanco family friend Cristian Rios, who also participated in the 45-minute show, Gangsters: America's Most Evil, and questions why Posner was given such a prominent spot.

"People watching the show will perceive Posner as an investigative journalist," Rios says. "But it has come to light that Posner is a person who likes to plagiarize. His reputation precedes him."

Had he known of Posner's involvement, he would not have granted an interview, Rios asserts.

Since her release from federal prison and subsequent deportation to Colombia in 2004, Blanco has lived in hiding. When the press or documentarians start sniffing for possible interviews with la madrina or her youngest son, Michael Corleone Blanco (who resides in Miami), it is Rios who usually responds to questions. I interviewed Rios extensively for a cover story about Michael ;and his arrest on a cocaine trafficking charge on May 12 of last year.

Rios agreed to be in the Bio Channel's Blanco episode to provide some balance to her story. In addition to Posner and Rios, Gangsters: America's Most Evil featured former Miami-Dade homicide detectives Al Singleton and Nelson Andreu, who led the criminal probe into dozens of murders allegedly ordered by the Godmother, as well as a former DEA agent who investigated Blanco's drug enterprise.

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