Horse Rape, Cocaine, and Armed Robbery: Ten Crazy Incidents at Calder

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Read the New Times investigation: "Cheaters Prosper at Calder Race Course"

This week's feature story focuses on horse doping and fraud allegations at Calder Race Course, Florida's biggest and most lucrative track.

During our two-month investigation, we also got our hands on more than 600 pages of city and state police records. Horse tracks, of course, are colorful places by nature -- bizarre enough to inspire a recent HBO drama just about the characters there. Police records reveal no shortage of drama at 21001 NW 27th Avenue, from allegations of masked men ambushing people in the parking lot to a bizarre equestrian sex crime.

Keep reading for the 10 craziest incident at the track recorded in recent police reports.

10. "Tu tienes perico?"
On July 29, 2009, Miami Gardens police responded to a tip about a Hispanic male selling cocaine from the horse barns, or "backside," at Calder Race Course. An undercover cop approached the suspect and asked for coke in Spanish slang ("tu tienes perico?"). The dealer handed over a zip-lock bag full of yayo. He was arrested.

9. Delivery Service:
Another suspected drug dealer was arrested after getting stopped riding his bicycle around Calder. Miami Gardens police discovered 10 grams of pot and a digital scale on the man.

8. Family Fraud:
Back in 2009, Yvonne Mead left town to visit her daughter for a few weeks. She left several checks to utility companies and asked her son, Dennis, to mail them. Instead, Dennis crudely crossed out the companies' names and wrote in his own. Then he took them to Calder Race Course where employees cashed them for him, according to a Miami Gardens police report. New Times couldn't find any record of Meade being charged with a crime, however.

7. Counterfeit Cash:
In October of last year, Eduardo Cross plunked down two crisp $20 bills while gambling. But the bills were fake. When a Calder employee called him on it, he threw his remaining counterfeit cash on the ground and tried to flee, according to a police report. When interviewed by cops, Cross claimed he was approached by an unknown Jamaican who offered to give him fake bills to place bets in return for 10 percent of the winnings. Like Meade, however, Cross doesn't appear to have been charged with a crime.

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Amanda Drewniak
Amanda Drewniak

I feel this article was a build up to sensationalize the rape incident. Making it number 1. How clever. A simple report on the incident would have done well. Poor animal poor owner. Shame On new times.

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