Hurricane Andrew Turns 20 Today: Five Amazing Videos of the Storm

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Twenty years ago today, Hurricane Andrew made landfall at Elliott Key as a Category Five monster before tearing west through Miami-Dade and leaving $26.5 billion in damage in its wake. In 1992, Miamians didn't have cell phones to point out their rattling windows to capture the horror firsthand -- but that doesn't mean there aren't some jaw-dropping videos of the hurricane on YouTube.

Click through for five amazing Andrew clips.

5. The calm before the storm
Talk about eerie. In this clip five days before Andrew arrives, meteorologist Bryan Norcross warns viewers that Andrew could blow up and might head toward Miami -- though, he cautions, it's much too early to tell. "Does that mean it's coming here?" he asks. "No, it doesn't mean that."

4. Norcross's shining moment
Speaking of Norcross, anyone who lived through Andrew remembers watching him on TV for weeks around the storm. Here's a good compilation of WTVJ's coverage during and after the storm:

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