Miami Police Falsely Arrest Man, Break His Arm In Prostitution Sting, Lawsuit Claims

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Guillermo Cuadra thought he was in for a routine traffic stop when Miami police pulled him over on an August night two years ago. What he got instead was a broken left arm courtesy of some overzealous undercover cops, he claims, as well as bogus charges of soliciting a prostitute and resisting arrest.

That's according to a lawsuit filed August 10 by Cuadra against the City of Miami. He alleges that undercover officers running a prostitution sting in Flagami yanked him out of his car with guns drawn, slammed him to the ground and broke his arm as they handcuffed him. Then, when Cuadra complained about his injury, he was told to shut up and thrown into a squad car with no medical treatment for five hours.

"It was the most terrible thing I ever went through," Cuadra tells Riptide. "The officers were overly aggressive, verbally abusive, and violent."

None of the officers who took part in the arrest were named in Cuadra's lawsuit, as both he and his lawyer, Frank Hollander, were unable to identify any of them by name. Neither the Miami Police Department nor the City of Miami responded to requests for comment from the New Times.

Cuadra's problems began at 1 a.m. on August 20, 2010, when he was driving down West Flagler Street after leaving work. According to the lawsuit, Cuadra was stopped at a traffic light at West Flagler Street and and Southwest 47th Avenue when an undercover police officer in a prostitution sting approached his car, leaned into his passenger window, and asked him, "Do you want a fuck?" Cuadra declined the rather forward offer and drove off, only to find a cop tailing him. The police ordered Cuadra to pull into the parking lot of a nearby motel.

Once pulled over, Cuadra found at least five police officers, all with guns drawn, surrounding his vehicle and ordering him to get out. Once he did, the lawsuit alleges that the cops pushed him into the ground and began to handcuff him. While doing so, one of the officers pulled up on Cuadra's upper left arm, causing a fracture, nerve damage, and numbness in his elbow and hand.

The lawsuit further states, "The break caused an audible snap at which time the plaintiff Cuadra told the police officers, 'You broke my arm.' The defendant City of Miami police officer responded, 'Fuck you, you want a piece of this?'"

Cuadra adds that the officers called him a "piece of shit." When the officers ran his record and found that he was a veteran of the armed forces, they began to mock Cuadra for being in pain, telling him, "You call yourself tough? You should man up."

After cuffing Cuadra, the police put him in a squad car and resumed their undercover detail, despite Cuadra's protestations over his mangled arm. He was left there for four hours, arms restrained behind his back. Any time he brought up his injury, he says, the officers began to abuse him verbally, telling him, "What, are you a doctor?" At one point, the lawsuit states, an officer told Cuadra, "Well, you do still have another arm."

"I thought I was going to lose my arm," Cuadra says. He did get some rudimentary medical treatment on the scene an hour after his arrest, when fire rescue personnel near the scene gave him a sling. But then his arms were placed behind his back again. Cuadra finally got a doctor's attention after almost five hours in custody, when police at a station on Flagler Street turned him over to the medical ward.

To add insult to injury, the police charged Cuadra with a count of soliciting a prostitute, alleging that he offered the undercover cop $60 to have sex. That was despite the fact that Cuadra had only three dollars on him at the time of his arrest. A charge of resisting arrest was added to that, as officers claimed that Cuadra refused to exit his car. Cuadra says that he was initially reaching for his license and registration when pulled over, and that he complied with all commands at all times.

Cuadra was convicted on neither of the charges, but the pain and suffering he went through spurred him to sue the city.

"To this day, I have a plate in my arm and lots of pain," he says. "I'm not the same I was before."

Hollander, Cuadra's lawyer, says that his client is seeking punitive damages of $500,000.

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Man, some of city of Miami cops during my teen years would buy five dollar bags from my friend at a fast food restaurant parking lot on Biscayne Blvd and 29 something street. My friend was an informant at that time we also knew a 16 year old girl that claimed she was raped at Bayfront park by one of city of Miami pot head cops

Liette Fuentes
Liette Fuentes

FUCKING PIGS!!!!! Everyone should report as many badge numbers as they can if a cop tries to do something he cant, know your rights!! GET RID OF THESE GRIME BUCKETS CALLED OFFICERS and lets keep the good ones

Omar Green
Omar Green

Nothing is gonna happened to that cop because Miami cops r corrupted . It is gonna get swept under the rug.

Will Iam
Will Iam

Does it say he was resisting arrest or fighting back? No? Weird! I guess he was picked on for no reason.


I believe him. Just last month, an overzealous cop belittled and demeaned me as well as slapped me with a ticket stating I ran a stop sign when I did not. He proceeded to stop three other people who had stopped before the line. When I made him aware he was committing unlawful acts by stopping and ticketing people who had now broken any law, he told me to leave or he would arrest me for impeding on his job--yeah, his unlawful job of ticketing innocent people.


I have decided to never drive again and give my driving privileges away. I rather live in a cave than deal with the police state that is beginning to rise in Miami, Florida--the new Gotham City. There are no more police officers here to serve and protect the people--they serve and protect their own. They are all criminals to me--the real criminals. Miami is Gotham City--Just notice how innocent people are put in jail, harrassed and killed. Do the research.


These cops react due to insecurities and project their anger and distorted disposition onto innocent civilians. It is scary to live in these times. These cops will do anything. They will shoot you if you do not comply and ask questions later. They do not value the life of another as they see all others who are not cops are probable criminals. They have no scruples or logic. I know many people who have experienced the same but are afraid to speak out. Hope this guy nails these bad and rotten cops.


Voicless in America


My first instinct is to believe everything this man says.. cops here tend to be overzealous douchebags who get off on "power". If all this is true, i hope he gets everything he asked for and more, i imagine myself in the same situation. I imagine trying to explain to my wife that i wasn't soliciting a hooker, or how worried she would be after not hearing from me until 5 hours after i should've been home. And these shitty cops really do sit there and mock you which normally isn't a big deal, unless you're innocent and wrongly arrested, then it's just salt being rubbed into the wound... If anyone else mouthed off the way cops do, they would have had their jaw broken, but cops can get away with calling you a pussy while hiding behind a badge... their no better than internet thugs calling you a pussy from an anonymous screen name..

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