Our Seven Favorite Bizarre Miami Advertising Icons: Pepito, Ticket Kid and Albita's Second Career

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Sure, you can judge a city by its local music, food, and other cultural references, but you're really missing out on the heart of the town if you don't take into account their most enduringly odd local advertising icons. Here's some of our favorites from South Florida, the ones that stick in our brains long after we've rid ourselves of the brain-frying jingles.

Del Toro Insurance's Bull and Matador

Who the hell animates these? The same people that make bad Chinese rip-offs of Pixar movies? Perhaps this is all some briliant marketing strategy, though. "Yeah, whatever, we paid like $12.99 to make this commercial. Do you know how much Geico spends on that damn lizard? Plus they higher some fancy British voice actor. We pulled some guy off the street to voice the matador, and then stuck a bunch of marshmallows in his mouth to voice the bull. We only paid him with a hot dog and a pat on the back. So, who do you think is going to save you money?"

Albita for Esserman International

Grammy Award winning singer Albita took South Beach by storm back in her '90s heyday with her deep voice, Cuban beats, and uniquely androgynous look. She entertained celebrities (Madonna in particularly was said to take a keen liking to her), and went on to a run on Broadway in "The Mambo Kings." Now, to a younger generation of Miamians, she's known only as that lady with the fire red hair who comes on at the end of Esserman International car dealership commercials to sing that jingle you won't be able to get out of your head for days.

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Ronald Maya
Ronald Maya

"At Tropical Park on Palmetto & Bird Road".. My favorite line from the Santa's enchanted Forrest jingle

Sergio Alejandro
Sergio Alejandro

How long have those Santa's Enchanted ads been running? I feel like it's been over a decade.


I loved the Pepito ads. They were ridiculous, but they always made me crack up when I drove by them.

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