Ray-Ray Armstrong Sues to Get Back on Miami Hurricanes

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Ray-Ray just won't go away-way.

>Last month Hurricanes senior safety Ray-Ray Armstrong was kicked off the team. The school still hasn't officially explained why, but he may have had something to do with either tweeting about improper meetings with a booster or a dinner he took with a friend who worked for a sports PR firm.

Well, Ray-Ray is now in the process of filing injunction in order to get reinstated to the team.

Armstrong's possibility of an NFL future was hit hard by his dismissal from the team. He's a promising talent, but may need more time to develop before he's ready for the pros. Armstrong is free to transfer, but his options appear to be limited and he'd rather just play for the 'Canes.

"Ultimately, we believe Miami made this move in order to appease the NCAA," his attorney Matt Morgan told the Sun-Sentinel.

Armstrong sat out four games last season after his name surfaced as part of the Nevin Shapiro scandal. He was later suspended for the FSU game thanks to that dinner.

The exact reasons for his ultimate dismissal have still not been explained, and Morgan doesn't think the school had the right to dismiss him.

"We're going to the judge and we're saying, 'Judge, the season is about to start, he's about to have to go to an NAIA [school] and his draft position is surely going to suffer as a result of that," Morgan told the Fort Lauderdale paper.

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@akosnitzky you can't sue to get put back on a football team. It's no basis for it.


@NoleFan06 And wants it before we know draft status.


@NoleFan06 I don’t think he thinks he is coming back. Just wants some $$$


@akosnitzky it's no basis for the money damages. But the lawyer he has will fight for anything though.

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