Rep. David Rivera's Connections to Suspected Ringer Candidate Justin Lamar Sternad Deepen

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On her Instagram account she has four separate pictures of herself and Rivera together. Those can be seen here, here, here and here. Most of those were taken in May.

Also, perhaps unrelated, but still interesting, in a Facebook album entitled "REPUBLICAN BAD GIRL 11-06-11," Alliegro posted a picture of herself in a US Post Office at night holding a mail bin with a finger over her mouth. The album, by the way, states it was "Taken at SHHHHHHH."

"What were you doing in that picture?" asked one friend.

"You don't really want to know ... hahahaha!" replied Alliegro.

As this happened in November 2011, days before the Hialeah general election, it's unrelated to the current flap over Stenard. But it appears she can at least make a few jokes about political corruption.

Though the Republican Bad Girl's latest political predicament is no laughing matter. From the Herald:
Alliegro was also involved in paying for Sternad's mailers in cash -- as much as $7,000 -- delivering envelopes containing crisp $100 bills, sources familiar with Sternad's campaign said
It's those mailers that ultimately draw further connections between Sternad and Rep. Rivera. Sternad paid for $43,000 from Rapid Mill and Computer Services in Hialeah.

Sternad only reported $11,000 in loans to his own campaign. After paying state qualifying fees only $822 is left. He's reported no other campaign funds to the FEC. Oddly, according to the Herald's sources, all of the payments to Rapid Mill were made in cash.

More damning still is that Hugh Cochran, president of Campaign Data, told the Herald he was contacted by the Rivera campaign to create a list of Democratic voters in the district organized by race and gender. Those voters appear to be the same ones targeted by Sternad's office. Cochran then sent the data directly to Rapid Mill. Cochran says he was told by the president of Rapid Mill that the data was meant for Sternad's campaign.

Of course no one else is talking on the record. Rapid Mill issued no comment. Alliegro hung up on the Herald, and has not officially confirmed she ran Sternad's campaign. (Riptide was also unable to reach her.) Rivera's office says he has no connection to Sternad.

The whole idea of the scheme, if true, is so ridiculous that it would make even the most corrupt Miami-Dade politicians giggle, and it's hard to see exactly what Rivera could have gained from running a ringer in the Democratic primary. Garcia is a known and experienced candidate, despite having never actually won office. There was little doubt he was going to win the primary, especially going against a complete unknown like Stenard who made few campaign appearances.

Yet, Rivera's political history is full of accusation of shady deals. It would almost take too much space to run through it now (His Wikipedia page has a nice recap and yet doesn't quite list it all). Either Rivera really is a shameless corrupt creep, or he just seems to be particularly unlucky in terms of getting into situations that paint him as a shameless corrupt creep.

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Running against a ringer costs and drains money from a campaign fund. And the incumbent usually has more money to spend.


Miami Republicans will continue to use the age old tactic of falsely associating their enemies to Castro and calling them communists. Rivera won his election by vilifying his opponent and he will still continue to use this despicable deceitful tactic. Joe Garcia, on the other hand, has never had any connection to the Castro regime and I doubt he has ever opposed the embargo on Cuba. Yet, he has been a prince of a gentleman and has shown an exquisite penchant for honesty and ethics. Rivera belongs in federal prison for a long time.


.@BlueTrooth Sometimes I wonder, are other GOP morons trying to make headlines to turn attention away from Romney shortcomings? #vote

drakemallard topcommenter

to marco rubio Tell Me Who Your Friends Are and I’ll Tell You Who You Are




Public officials lie to us, nothing new.   When we lie to a 'public official' we get slandered for life and possibly go to jail.


@AmericaCanadian I'm not sure. You have to factor in Romney's stunning deficiency in charisma :)

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