Rick Scott's Early Voting Law Would Suppress Black Votes, Federal Court Rules

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It's becoming a regular morning routine for Floridians: Roll out of bed, sip a cafecito, open the paper to read about the latest bananas Rick Scott law getting tossed out by a federal court. This morning's edition comes courtesy the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, which ruled late last night that Scott's changes to early voting laws would dramatically reduce the number of black voters participating in the election.

To which Scott replied, "Yeah, that was kind of the point, guys."

The legislature, backed by Scott, passed new restrictions on early voting this year, including a measure outlawing voting on the Sunday before elections.

That Sunday just happens to be the very day that black churches all over the South vote en masse -- usually for Democrats. A brilliantly diabolical plan to win Florida for Romney this November, right?

Unfortunately for Scott, Florida's voting changes are still subject to federal review due to that whole ugly "Jim Crow" history down these ways.

And the D.C. Appeals Court was not amused by the new changes, which they found would unquestionably suppress minority votes.

"(It's) a common-sense judgment that a dramatic reduction in the form of voting that is disproportionately used by African-Americans would make it materially more difficult for some minority voters to cast a ballot," the three-judge panel wrote in its opinion.

Other parts of Scott's drastic change to voter registration had already been struck down by another federal court.

So it looks more and more like Romney and company may actually have to -- gulp -- win Florida based on their merits and not on suppressing the minority vote.

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3 years behind on the voting rights Pardons/Clemency for ex-cons is going to be 4 years in 2013...add that to the other voter frauds of Republicans in Miami-Dade County plus the so-called non citizen round up and you've got another election buy-out.


The GOP playbook is raunchy, filled with misinformation and dirty tricks.  I still can't believe 50% plus 1 of my fellow Floridians voted for Rick Scott, he's monster.  


I'd like to personally thank every idiot shithead and douchebag who voted for this vile creep. We all have to live with the consequences of your gross stupidity. I hope you're happy now.


'To which Scott replied, "Yeah, that was kind of the point, guys."'


Isn't it irresponsible journalism to make shit up?


 @grantstern In a few months they are going to vote for someone just like him-Romney, with cheerleader Ryan who says Scott is an expert on Health Care issues.


 @HarryTheHandyman and?  its not as if there was any other point to his actions.  just partisan tricks at their finest.  despicable. 

tim.elfrink moderator editor

 @HarryTheHandyman Isn't it irresponsible reading to not be informed enough to notice an obvious joke when you see one?


@tiredofcorruption Rick Scott is an unpopular governor in this state, toxic. Romney wans to avoid him at all cost, and hopefully that Won't happen. Romney's toast.

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