RNC 2012: Geraldo Rivera On "Slut Stamps," Swingers, and Drugs In The Bathroom

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Photo by Jacob Katel

When we ran into Geraldo Rivera broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention, we asked him what everyone wanted to know: whether he was among the nearly 6 million people who watched our recent "Girl Gets Butt Hole Tattoo" video. "Can't say that I have," he replied. "But I have plenty of my own tattoos. None of them in that particular area though."

He went on to describe why he's against tattoos on women, what he knows about Republicans in the swinger lifestyle, and if he's seen anyone doing drugs in the bathroom at the RNC. Click through for video:

According to Geraldo, women should stay away from tattooing "slut stamps" on their lower backs because someday their grandchildren might ask them about it.

(Maybe someday his grandkids will ask him why he calls girls sluts just because they have a little ink in their skin. Maybe they'll wonder why his mustache looks like a bundle of wires used to clean crack pipes. Maybe they'll ask why his hair looks like a prison wig made from steel wool and saw dust.)

Geraldo says his main complaint, though, is with hypocrites of any political stripe, from John Edwards to Mark Foley.

Hypocritical of him? You decide. Either way, we still like the guy.

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D.f. Basora
D.f. Basora

"either way we like the guy" That sound you hear is me flushing whatever respect I had for New Times down the toilet after reading that sentence.

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