Suspect Killed, Miami-Dade Detective Shot on Coral Way Grow-House Raid

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One suspect is dead and a Miami-Dade detective is recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital this morning after an undercover raid on a suspected grow house on Coral Way erupted into a fierce gunfight last night.

A narcotics unit that included FBI agents in plainclothes was investigating the house near 60th Avenue when a suspect opened fire. Before agents fired back and killed the man, one detective was hit three times in the abdomen; he was likely saved by a bulletproof vest.

Reached this morning by Riptide, department spokesman Det. Javier Baez declined to name either the man killed in the raid or the detective hit by gunfire; more information should be available later this morning.

The drama broke out last night around 7, just as many neighbors were returning home or sitting down to dinner in the quiet residential neighborhood, the Miami Herald reports.

As members of the joint FBI-MDPD unit approached the home, a man parked in a car nearby opened fire on the cops. Police returned fire and killed the shooter, but not before the MDPD officer was hit.

A second man inside the house was quickly arrested as the wounded officer was airlifted to Jackson.

Police roped off the neighborhood and approached the house cautiously in case other suspects were barricaded inside, but no one else was arrested.

"I've never seen this before," a neighbor named Carlos Rios tells the Herald. "This is a family-type neighborhood. We're all in shock at all this."

The wounded officer is expected to recover. We'll update this post when we get more information.

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Tom Blazejack
Tom Blazejack

I kind of think that if we diverted say 25% of the law enforcement resource expended on enforcing marijuana laws and put it toward enforcing say, laws relating to bicycle safety, we might save some lives and the sales of potato chips would skyrocket. I grew up about three blocks from the location where this tragedy took place.


Yet another reason to legalize weed.

José Manuel
José Manuel

Another wasted life because of something that should be legal.

Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera

You know why cops keep going after grow houses? Because they dont have the balls to bust meth labs and coke dealers. If they did there would be a hell of a lot more of these gun fights. But instead theyll just keep going after cannabis users/dealers who arent hurting anybody. Cops are the fucking worst and then they hide behind their job "Its not me bro its the state". BULLSHIT

Carlos Cnotez Rodriguez
Carlos Cnotez Rodriguez

over a fucking grow house doe? really? both sides were dumb here...for a grow house why try to run the max youll do is like.. 10 years if that...and these fucking pigs need to stop worrying about some dumb lil fucking plant and worry about the motherfuckers eating each others faces

Alexander Morales Pizarro
Alexander Morales Pizarro

Legalize marijuana and all the senseless violence will end... killing humans for nothing provoking a hostile enviroment. Vote !!!!!!!! Its very important .

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