Charlie Crist Says Obama "Saved Florida": Republicans Fume, Democrats Shrug

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Well hello there Democrats... Crist cozies up to another party
Last night, Charlie Crist completed his nasty two-year break-up with conservatives. When he strolled onto the DNC set in Charlotte, the Republican establishment he once belonged to collectively winced. Then it watched the former Florida governor openly praise President Barack Obama.

"But even as the Republican Party fought tooth and nail to stop him, this president showed his courage, invested in America -- and saved Florida," Crist said in his speech.

Democrats applauded politely, unsure who, exactly, this Gregory Peck lookalike was and why he kept mentioning Ronald Reagan. Republicans, on the other hand, were quick to call Crist an opportunistic little shit.

Crist left the GOP in 2010 during his campaign for U.S. Senate, running as an independent. He eventually lost to Republican and Tea Party golden boy Marco Rubio.

In his short speech last night, Crist tried to paint a contrast between Obama as a non-partisan get-shit-doner and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, who "just aren't up to the task."

"They're beholden to 'my way or the highway' bullies, indebted to billionaires who bankroll ads and allergic to the very idea of compromise," Crist said.

He said he didn't agree with Obama on everything, but praised him for helping Florida survive two crises: the economic downturn and the BP oil spill.

"When he took office, the economic crisis had already put my state of Florida on the edge of disaster. The foreclosure crisis was consuming homeowners, the tourists we depend on couldn't afford to visit and our vital construction industry had come to a standstill," Crist said in a speech that will surely soon be spliced into TV ads aired across the Sunshine State. "President Obama saw what I saw: a catastrophe in the making. And he took action."

But Crist's former conservative buddies were quick to poo on his special moment.

"Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist gave Republicans another reason to despise him on Thursday night by rallying support for President Barack Obama," wrote the Wall Street Journal. Last week, an op-ed in the same paper argued: "After all, Mr. Crist's middle name is 'opportunism' -- and right now he sniffs potential in the Democratic Party."

GOP officials were also quick to attack Crist for his appearance.

"The line that stood out to me was when he said the Republican Party left him," Florida GOP chairman Lenny Curry told Politico after the speech. "That's a lie. Charlie Crist left the Republican Party because he knew he couldn't win an election for U.S. Senate. That's the most glaring thing we heard tonight."

Democrats, meanwhile, don't seem to care too much about Crist's conversion. A recent poll found that 56 percent welcomed his decision, but predicted he would do no better against current GOP governor Rick Scott than any "generic Democrat."

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nice to see that this reporter gets some intelligent commentators.


Who was it who rejected federal money to build mass transit in Florida? I love it when allegiance Republican ideology forces people to turn down much-needed ACTUAL MONEY. Thus faith leads to anti-American behavior. Hurray for Crist for leaving The GOP Faith!


There are many ways to describe the Complete DIFFERENCES between the 2 Party's. Charlie Crist did a great job. I see it as us Remaining the United States of America or becoming the Divided Corporate States of America. The Republican's are hugely indebted to the Koch Brothers who are from Soviet (Joseph Stalin) and Nazi Germany backgrounds. In essence, THEY HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS!!!!!!!


I do not care if you are R, D, I or T. YOU have to agree that Obama has had a STOP sign in front of him since he became President!!!!! As a human being, you NEED to respect the Office!!!!

Bush put us in such a state that it will take years & years before the recovery will ever happen.... And IF you vote for Romney, HE will take us back there!!!!!@


Reasons To Not Vote For Obama:


Obama just cut Medicare by $700 billion

Obama never worked a day in private industry Obama gave us ObamaCare, the largest tax hike in history, 21 taxes and untold regulations that will cost us trillions.

Obama gave the US 6 trillion debt

Obama gave the US 15% unemployment for 4 years, not 8.2% as Obama claims

Obama Wants the UN to make US pay world tax

Obama gave us NDAA - gives President right to arrest and execute anyone without trial Obama 30,000 drones to fly over your neighborhood Obama cut everyone's assets by 40% Obama signed the DREAM Act, gave away 800,000 jobs, scholarships, healthcare, etc. to illegals Obama forcing church based healthcare centers to perform abortions.

Obama performed Executive Order to control all farms.

Obama performed Executive Order to control all communications

Obama is Anti-Semitist, does not like to work with Netanyahu, leaked out Israeli secret mission, wants to remove all Israel aid

Obama gave 1.5 billion to Muslim Brotherhood, well know terrorist group which is responsible for Arab Springs

Obama closed 6 border patrol stations along the Mexican Border, now more illegals are trying to cross the border than ever.

Obama leaked out secret military information on Israel's mission into Iran.

Obama will not allow oil companies to drill offshore or on any federal land.

Obama will not allow Keystone Pipeline on any federal land.

Obama wants to stop any foreign aid to Israel.

Obama spent $850 billion in stimulus with no success.

Obama talks about how the Senate will not pass the budget, but Obama had the first two years with Democrat majority in both houses.  So, what was his excuse then?

Obama give us 1.5 trillion deficit each year. Obama did not react to the Gulf Oil Disaster until 6 weeks later.

Obama's push for unconstitutional restrictions on free speech on his political enemies while keeping the unions free to spend money on campaigns via The Disclose Act via Executive Order.

Obama's unknown czars, who knows how many there are now

Obama's obstruction of justice in Fast And Furious by performing Executive Privilege.

Obama bowing and apologizing all over to US enemies all the time.

Obama returning the bust of Churchill to Great Britain.

Obama's removal of the missile shield from Poland and Czech Republic.

Obama giving $2 billion to a Brazil Oil Company that Soros had just bought majority stock in. Obama spending more on military by not staying in Iraq and Afghanistan, but spending money in other conflicts in that region, being worse than Bush.

Obama spend many of vacations to Hawaii on tax payers' dime, $4 million a trip.

Obama spending tax payer's money developing jobs offshore rather than in the US, like Brazil Oil Company, China with GM Volt, etc.

Obama using trillions in bailout to the banks and auto industries with no return on the money.


It is time for REAL Change, get Obama out Nov. 2012


 @rchow06 At least 3/4 of what you are saying is false. Maybe more. Try doing a fact check on the lies you are spewing and you may find the truth. I doubt you will because it takes integrity to check yourself. Why do I think you lack integrity? Because you just spouted a slew of lies. Check yourself.


 @rchow06 Says the Koch Tea Party Stooge who believes ALL the Propaganda that Billionaires feed him!

Or possibly, He's Simply Racist!


 @rchow06 Spoken like a true, FOX-livng idiot.  Most of what you have is slanted, or just wrong.  Boy oh boy, you all sure give a lot of grief to Obama, like he personally did all these things.  Who do you all think he is, the all-powerful jesus?  Kinda funny, you make him appear divine, all knowing, all powerful.  Add in the nutso birther, and he surely is...his birth and rise to the presidency was predicted and contrived before his birth, just like jesus.  I'm sure that's not your intent.  Nah, you need to go get some real facts, bucko.


 @rchow06 Just another one of those "Brain Washed by Billionaires Sucker". I can only reiterate what the others are saying ... "Fact Check First" and you won't come off as such an ignorant individual.



 Good God, can you BELIEVE this guy?  I think it's Glenn Beck disguised as a typical far-right moron.  But wait, Glen IS a typical far-right moron.  No disguise necessary.


 @rchow06 You are spewing nothing but garbage.  Not one thing you said is true.  I am stunned every time I read or hear such vitriolic hatred because there is nothing on which to base your hatred....unless it is your own sense of superiority that denigrates everything and everyone that you find unacceptable.


 @rchow06 There will be NO CHANGE with the R&R ... Romney & Ryan, Repeat & Repeat.  You have been brainwashed & are just full of hate.  Do yourself a favor & just STFU.  


 @rchow06 you sound like you are a dumb ass Republican..get the facts buddy get the facts...


 @rchow06You need to do a fact check like never before! Don't listen to what you hear but read it first and than your post wouldn't make you look like a complete jerk for not checking the facts and just ranting pure repulican HATE!!!1 JUST A THOUGHT!!



@FoxNewsAlert285 Wtf how Obama is AntiChrist he no have is president

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