Conan O'Brien Spoofs Marco Rubio's Latest Ad for Mitt Romney Telenovela Style

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Mitt Romney has enlisted Marco Rubio in his efforts to reach out to Latino voters, and the Florida senator recently cut two ads for the campaign in both English and Spanish. TBS late night talk show host Conan O'Brien spoofed the Spanish ad last night by cutting it up with ridiculous scenes from telenovelas.

We're just not sure if we're laughing.

Props for finding some of the most ridiculous scenes from telenovelas (not that that's hard), we're just kind of not finding the concept all that hilarious.

"Hahaha, someone is speaking Spanish! Lets cut it up with telenovelas! That's surely original, groundbreaking comedy that doesn't traffic in lazy cultural stereotypes at all!"

Conan: You can do better than this.


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drakemallard topcommenter

cuban medicare fraud and marco rubio is silent about


 South Florida is known as the capital of Medicare fraud, Feds in Miami: Millions stolen from Medicare wound up in Cuban banking system In an unprecedented case, federal prosecutors have charged a Miami man with engaging in a massive money laundering scheme that moved millions stolen from the federal Medicare program into Cuban banks.



I want to protect Medicare. I want to save it," Rubio told CNN. "It's going bankrupt. And so the only way to save it is to come up with a solution that allows our parents and our grandparents to see absolutely no changes to their Medicare," Rubio added.


 when will Rubio start working for jobs in Florida ??? he should stop campaigning and vacationin



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