Heath Bell: It's "Hard to Respect" Ozzie Guillen

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Things aren't looking good for Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen. With rumors that his job may be on the hot seat, the team's reliever Heath Bell told WQAM host Dan Sileo today that he's been having a hard time trying to respect the controversial and often outspoken Guillen.

"It's hard to respect a guy that doesn't tell you the truth or doesn't tell you face-to-face," Bell said. "There's probably reasons why. It's just one of those things that-what you see is what you get. I'm not going to be two-faced. I'm not going to sneak around your back and say this and that."

Though, it's also been hard to respect Bell lately, given his lackluster performance this season. However, he owns up to it.

"I stunk in April, plain and simple. I said I stunk, I worked hard, I busted my butt. I think I've had a tremendous second half," he said. "I'm not closing-I know that. But I just kept my mouth shut because I want to regain what I had, and I feel like I can't do that."

Guillen and Bell's beef is nothing new. Cameras caught a heated exchange between the two on an episode of The Franchise.

The question then whether this beef is contained between Bell and Guillen, or whether the lack of respect for the manager spreads deeper into the team's locker room.

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