Justin Lamar Sternad Tells FBI That David Rivera Was Behind His Campaign

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Leave it to Rep. David Rivera, who was already entering into his reelection effort with a serious amount of scandalous baggage, to somehow found himself in even more ridiculous scandal.

Justin "Lamar" Sternad, a political novice who ran in the Democrat primary in District 26 against eventual winner Joe Garcia, has now told the FBI that his campaign was being orchestrated and financed by Rivera, according to unnamed sources who talked to the Miami Herald. It's just the latest drop in a dramatic political saga that should make even Miamians -- not exactly strangers to bizarre political stories -- blush.

Sternad claims that while Ana Sol Alliegro, the blonde "Republican bad girl" with a colorful past and who has now gone missing, actually ran his campaign, but often referred to an unknown "investor" who had grown interested in his campaign. Alliegro would only refer to the shadowy figure as "The Gangster" or "D.R.," Rivera's initials.

Sternad also claims that he was told if he lost it wouldn't matter, because "The Gangster" would get him a better job. Sternad has a wife and three kids and currently works as a front desk employee at a Miami Beach hotel.

But Sternad, who switched form using his first name Justin to his middle name "Lamar" in a possible attempt to appeal to black voters, isn't a total idiot. He browsed Alliegro's Facebook and Instagram pages and found photos of her smiling with Rivera. Likely the same photos Riptide previously uncovered, because, well, they weren't exactly hard to find.

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