Kardashians Efforts to Film in Miami Again May Be Stymied by Miami Beach Law

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No, the Miami Beach City Commission has not formally outlawed the Kardashians, but according to a report, the reality TV family may have trouble in their efforts to film another season of one of their various reality shows in Miami Beach. They're having a hard time finding a home in which they could film for a few months, because Miami Beach law requires the vast majority of your neighbors to sign off on the filming.

Remember when Khloe and Kourtney Took Miami? It appeared that after two seasons of that spin-off the Kardashian klan would be done taking our fair city, but according to Belle Isle Blog they're looking for locations for an upcoming seasons.

Of course, trying to find concrete actual news on the Kardashians is a rough, rough venture. We just found ourselves lost in a sea of gossip blogs full of quotes from off-record sources and what not. But from the gist of it, it appears the Kardashians, or at least Kim and Kourtney will be filming a spin-off or special season here. For her part, Kim Tweeted that she was recently packing to be gone for three months, and that all would be revealed on the season finale of the main show.

Belle Isle Blog says that because Kourtney Kardashian now has two children, she'd rather film in an actual house. During the Khloe and Kourtney seasons, the two lived in a hotel, but Miami Beach makes it awfully hard for a single family home to be used for television production that lasts for more than a few days.

To get even a shot at approval, owners of neighboring houses must sign off on the proposal. Signatures must all be collected from 90 percent of house owners within 500 feet. Even if neighbors did sign off, a city board would have to evaluate the request.

According to the Belle Isle Blog, producers were looking to shoot at a home on De Lido Blvd on the Venetian Isles, but neighbors immediately became concerned. Apparently they've also found little success in trying to find a home on North Bay Road or Sunset Island as well.

That's no surprise. People don't buy multi-million dollar houses in Miami Beach just to have a de facto TV studio sitting next to them. Perhaps, dear lord, the Kardashian may have to settle for a home in a Miami-Dade city with less filming restrictions. Kourtney and Kim Take Hialeah?

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Jany D'Vahle
Jany D'Vahle

Need to film in Hialeah, Overtown, Little Havana, or Little Haiti!!! Hahahaha

John Perez
John Perez

I would watch the Kardashians take Hialeah... one botanica at a time!

Nomejodas Pleez
Nomejodas Pleez

Lmao ha ha ha lmbo ha ha haaaaa lol haaa haaaa haaaaaaaaa vplp ja ja ja

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

who cares about these sluts,i dont even know why they're even famous?? @brenda no need to put "hahaha" if you already put "lmao"...smh

drakemallard topcommenter

no more kardashian please 


it honey boo boo child time”

Sergio Mora
Sergio Mora

keep them away, unless one of us lowly locals is getting laid

Mercy Suarez
Mercy Suarez

Oh, look at that! 15 minutes are up! Please cease and desist from further sullying the airwaves...buh-bye!

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