Miami-Dade Cop Arrested by FBI for Pulling Over and Sexually Harassing Women

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Miami-Dade Police Officer Prabhainjana Dwivedi worked the midnight shift around Key Biscayne, Metrorail stations, and Jackson Memorial Hospital. If what the FBI says is true, woe unto any woman who ran into Dwivedi in the middle of the night. Because the cop had a bad habit of pulling over women for no reason, asking to see their breasts and underwear, and sometimes even following them back to their homes.

Dwivedi was arrested yesterday and charged with civil rights violations.

Between May and June of last year, the seven-year veteran was hit with four different complaints by women -- all eerily similar and all verified by investigators, the FBI says.

Dwivedi's M.O. was to pull women over early in the morning and accuse them of driving drunk. Despite those accusations, the officer often refused to conduct sobriety tests.

Instead, as in the case of "A.R.," a 19-year-old he pulled over around 2:20 in the morning May 27, Dwivedi made a series of inappropriate demands.

The cop made A.R. drive to a secluded location, the feds say, placed her in the back of his cruiser, and demanded she "perform inappropriate movements." Eventually, he asked her to lower the zipper on her dress down to her stomach, partially exposing her breasts.

He held the teen for nearly an hour and a half before letting her go. The cop filed no record of the stop in his reports.

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It took the FEDS to get this Paki off the street and into jail. I guess at Miami-Dade Metro, his conduct is considered "standard patrol procedure for the overnight shift". Its also very telling that none of his fellow officers said a thing. 

Aurelio Cuervo
Aurelio Cuervo

Just read bunch of cry babies in uniform picking on each other... what does that show you... bunch of kids with badges now in days.


A mother's worse nightmare....

Felix Cheshire Thompson
Felix Cheshire Thompson

Don't hate cops, there are plenty of Men and Woman in uniform doing their job correctly day in and day out to keep up safe. Don't let this handful of asshats besmirch, true law enforcement officers. We just need to keep an eye out for the corrupt and abusers of power and put their ass as blast.

Ezekiel Angulo
Ezekiel Angulo

I guess he took the phrase "cop a feel" literally...

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