After Griselda Blanco's Death, Mickey Munday Is Last Cocaine Cowboy Standing

C. Stiles
Mickey Munday
Read: "Michael Corleone Blanco lives in the shadow of his cocaine-queen mother"
"Jon Roberts, Smuggler in Cocaine Cowboys, Dies"
"Griselda Blanco, Miami's Cocaine Queen, Assassinated In Medellin Butcher Shop"
"Cocaine king Max Mermelstein came out of hiding for a screenwriter"

The golden years hasn't turned out so good for most of the retired drug traffickers featured in Rakontur's trail-blazing documentary Cocaine Cowboys. Max Mermelstein, the Medellin Cartel drug smuggler who later testified against the organization, succumbed to cancer at age 65 in 2008. Last year, cancer also claimed the life of Mermelstein's ex-pal Jon Roberts, who was 63 when he died. On Sunday, 69-year-old ex-cocaine queenpin Griselda Blanco joined Mermelstein and Roberts in the afterlife. She was gunned down by a motorcycle assassin in Medellin, Colombia.

That leaves Miami native son Mickey Munday as the last ex-doper featured in the documentary who is still alive and not behind bars. (Jorge "Rivi" Ayala, Blanco's ex-hitman, is serving consecutive life sentences in state prison).

"They're either all dead or in jail forever," Munday says. "I am the last one standing, really."

Munday never fit the profile of your average cold-blooded drug smuggler. A North Miami High alum, he studied architecture and drafting in college. He didn't get into the game until he was 33-years-old, which he did out of boredom. He organized the sale of 2,000 pounds of pot for a friend.

After meeting Mermelstein, Munday joined a crew that spent the 1980s importing $2 billion worth of yeyo into Miami. In Cocaine Cowboys, Roberts described Munday as "MacGyver" because of the ingenious ways he would come up with to surreptitiously evade law enforcement.

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1st of He's my Uncle and is anything but gay!  And yes he's as much of a pilot as the jackasses that flew into the twin towers!  He did go to the same quick school.  I'm sure his last words will be I did it my way!  Certainly not "the $ is buried"! LMAO!  @ Phillip I agree!  He is a genius! Lol.


This gay cowboy is not even a pilot...but embellishment is much of this entire saga!

Tony Miller
Tony Miller

His last words will probably be "the money is buried ...."


@pilotodelsoto One more thing if you even attempted some of the flights he made with the equipment he had you would be in the bottom of the ocean along with your airplane if you even made it over the Colombian jungle canopy.


@pilotodelsoto Right he blew up his airplane full of cocaine and ran into the swamp and escaped from DEA agents for several years before he turned himself in and faced several years in prison. His court case is public record.

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