Obama "Insulted Blacks" By Appearing on DJ Laz's Show, Says Conservative Columnist

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So remember when President Obama called into DJ Laz Morning Show last week? Well, according to conservative columnist Clarence McKee that appearance was an "insult" to all of black American that "cheapened the office of president of the United States." Because, you know, Laz goes by the nickname of "Pimp with a Limp."

McKee, who himself is black and whose involvement in Republican politics dates back the Reagan administration, claims that the term "pimp" is offensive to blacks in a column for NewsMax:
In television and movies, pimps are more often than not portrayed as black men driving fancy cars, wearing fancy clothes and adorned with jewelry waiting for their women, whom they often control through drugs, to either bring them the cash or face beatings or other dire consequences. Also, much of the hip-hop craze and many of its artists have honored pimps in their lyrics and music videos featuring flashy jewelry and big cars. Remember the term pimp mobile?

Given this history, I was shocked to see Obama turn a blind eye to this hidden symbolism. It cheapened the office of President of the United States.
McKee also claims that Obama was talking in slang, because to his ears it seems that the President was using the term "ya" as opposed to "you" during the interview.

McKee also insinuates that Obama is favoring Hispanics over Blacks in his reelection efforts:
Obama did not need to go on a black radio station with a well-respected black leader like Bishop Curry [ed: host of a show on AM radio]. He already has Miami's black voters in his pocket. He needed to court Laz's Hispanic audience regardless of what the term "Pimp" has meant to blacks in Miami and elsewhere.
We're pretty sure that as one of Miami's most popular hosts, Laz's audience spans all races and ethnicities.

As McKee notes, when Laz was born, doctors weren't sure he'd ever walks. After numerous surgeries he was finally able to walk, but with a limp. Hence the nickname.

So what do you think, was Obama's discussion with Laz beneath the office of the Presidency?


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Nothing worse than a thin-skinned pimp. Right Laz you two-faced pussy. 


This is so ridiculous! I hope Obama wins election, for DJ LAZ, I don't think the name that has made him or that we all know him of, should be a negative to anyone. A simple nick name should not interfere with his professionalism and personality. He is an amazing person. He does a lot for the children, kids and is alway willing to help out when needed. So I congratulate Laz, he deserved the call from the President and much more. I LOVE YOU LAZ, YOU ARE MY PIMP ON THE RADIO, for LIFE!!!!!!!!  Keep Pimpin' because we love you! Haters are Motivators!!!!!!  @djlazmorningsho 


Beneath the office of the presidency, 20 years ago maybe... in the age where politicians are on twitter and facebook, not so much. This just seems like republicans are bringing out another token black politician to say they are also black, and we should be offended by Obama's actions. Grasping at straws really, trying to over-analyze a nickname that was obviously chosen because it rhymed with limp and still fit in with the urban crowd. Pretty sure DJ Laz was never an actual "pimp".


Apparently the writer of this article has a total disconnect with the black community in South Florida  as do most so called political activist. By going on this show The President showed his willingness to connect with the average person who he has vowed to represent. In my opinion more  should take a page from his book, who claim to represent the people

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