Ozzie Guillen: I Don't Respect Heath Bell "As a Person"

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It's never a good sign when a baseball team's locker room drama is so much more interesting to follow then their on field efforts.

The fish fight between Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen and pitcher Heath Bell continues with Guillen throwing the latest bomb. It's not that he's lost respect for Bell as a baseball player, he says, but "as a person." Ouch.

Bell and Guillen's drama surfaced during the team's run on The Franchise, but really blew out in to the public when Bell went on WQAM and said, "It's hard to respect a guy that doesn't tell you the truth or doesn't tell you face-to-face."

Apparently other players didn't appreciate or agree with Bell's sentiments and Bell has tried to do some damage control.

"I've always had the respect and I've always given Ozzie respect," Bell told The Palm Beach Post. "I've stunk this year plain and simple. That's about it. Everything I say gets twisted so I'm going to stop talking.''

Bell even admitted that he's "pretty much lost all" respect from his teammates.

"Right now I've got to earn the respect back of my teammates my coaching staff," he continued. "Do I want to be back in Miami? Yes."

Guillen however isn't ready to make nice. He's not ready to back down. He's still mad as hell.

"It was my turn this week," Guillen told Fox Sports. "Last week it was the pitching coach. The week before it was his teammates. Every week it's something. That's why I don't respect him as a person. You have to have principles."

"I laughed," Guillen said regarding the comments. "I have so (many) problems in my life with the ballclub, to see why we failed -- comments like that, everybody has his own opinion. The thing that shocked me (is) when you say I'm not honest with players?"

Heath Bell: It's "Hard to Respect" Ozzie Guillen

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geez....build them a new stadium and the team goes to shit. nice.


D.f. Basora
D.f. Basora

oh please! just finish this season out already so they can replace your ass!


Makes you really wonder if he's the scapegoat at this point. he blew saves early in the season, but the team lost for other reasons. As a Phillies fan I heard everyone rag on Jimmy Rollins and that they should get Reyes instead. Rollins has a better BA, has more HR's, could actually say his productivity is mcuh better than Reyes has ever produced just this season and it's not even Rollins best season. Anyway, the Marlins are awful and that's what happens when players like Pujols use you for leverage. Then you have a team that deals Hanley Ramirez and his numbers are stellar compared to anything Reyes has done.

Frank Rivas
Frank Rivas

You and the rest of Miami Ozzie you and the rest of Miami....

Alex Cue
Alex Cue

::in 4th-grade style:: OooooooooOOOOOOOhh!........

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