Ozzie Guillen Might Get Fired Over Terrible Marlins Season

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The Miami Marlins first season in their taxpayer-funded Little Havana palacio has been nothing short of a catastrophe; the team was out of contention by August and so boring and terrible that the Franchise -- the Showtime series chronicling the club's season -- ended early after star Hanley Ramirez got unloaded to the Dodgers.

Who's to blame for this mess? We'll give you a hint: JEFFRY LORIA. Sadly, owners never suffer much for their terrible decisions. Instead, manager Ozzie Guillen might just get canned this week.

Ozzie's only in the first year of a four-year contract, but Joe Frisario, the MLB.com beat reporter for the Fish, reported this weekend that Guillen's job may not survive the week.

Here's what Frisario has to say:
Is Guillen on the hot seat? Absolutely.

There is growing speculation that Guillen may be out after the first of his four-year contract. Aside from the obvious, the team has underperformed, there are rumblings of clubhouse and community disconnect.

The bottom line with Guillen is the decision will be made by Loria.
Frisario adds that sources tell him there's a "60 percent chance" that Loria will decide to axe the manager.

On Friday, several publications reported the Loria was planning to fire GM Larry Beinfest, but Loria quickly let it be known that front office changes are not in the works.

He's said nothing similar about Ozzie's job security, which doesn't bode well for the Venezuelan manager.

But is Ozzie actually to blame for this year's crap-tastic performance? Not according to the numbers.

One Sabermetric rating shows that Guillen's managing actually helped the team pick up one win it didn't deserve this year, The Chicago Tribune reports. That's a solid result for an injury-ravaged, underperforming squad.

No, the fault lies squarely on Loria's shoulders for trying to throw money at big names with serious injury problems, many on the tail end of their careers. Hanley finally bombed out at Marlins Park, closer Heath Bell imploded outside Petco Park's friendly confines, and the Marlins lineup ranks last in the NL in runs scored.

Can't blame Ozzie for that.

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Ray Princiotta
Ray Princiotta

He should fired. He is an An embarrassment to the Marlins. It's time for Jeffrey to end his bro-manse with Ozzie.

Daniel Solares
Daniel Solares

Hope so hes a dickhead. We should have kept our last two managers duhhh

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

'tis the awaited moment, to do away with and replace him with a Hialean (prescisely, what they were after!!!).

Craig Chester
Craig Chester

He's been a disaster practically from Day 1 when he offended Cuban-Americans with his pro-Casto comments. Just one more link in the chain of why the Miami Marlins are the most deplorable franchise in pro sports. The ownership, especially Samson, are basically openly hostile to their own potential fan base. Dump Guillen and Samson and try some positive outreach to the city you call home or else this team will continue to be an unpopular pariah playing in a white elephant empty ballpark.


wake me up in 2014... next year is gonna be as bad


@MiamiNewTimes The 2 Jeff's in MIAMI Should Fire Themselves... Jeffery Loria and Jeff Ireland!

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