New Times' Five Best RNC 2012 Videos: High-Fives, Welsh Cake, and the H-Word

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photo by Jacob Katel
We asked the tough questions.
All last week, New Times' own Jacob Katel and Victor Gonzalez dove headfirst into the $75 million dollar lake of fire that was the Republican National Convention in Tampa, all so they could ask the tough questions the rest of the media wouldn't. Should Jesus be on the dollar bill? What the F is a Welsh cake, and where can we get one? And most importantly, why won't you high-five us?

Click through for our five best videos from the convention floor.

5. The important questions: Should the president be deported? And should Jesus be on the dollar bill?

4. The hunt for Ann Romney's Welsh cakes: What the hell are they? And where can we get some? We asked Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Jon Voight.

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Ed Ochoa
Ed Ochoa

Will you be doing the same at the Democratic convention?

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