The Office Perfectly Teaches You What to Do When You're Moving to Miami (Even When You're Not)

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We're native to Southern Florida, but we have to imagine if we lived our lives in the chilly northeast and all the sudden found out we were moving to Miami we'd probably go around throwing our winter coats at people and proclaiming "I am going to Miami, Bi-atches, to hang with LeBron James and Gloria Estefan." That's what departing character Kelly Kapoor did on last night's final season premiere of The Office.

Kapoor, played by Mindy Kaling (whose getting her own show on Fox), was written off the show with the explanation her fiancé got a professor gig at Miami University. As in not the University of Miami. As in Miami of Ohio.


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You would be amazed how many people in the "chilly northeast" cannot tell the difference between "Miami University" and "University of Miami." If I try to correct them, they look at me like I'M the stupid one.

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