Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin Is Comparing Himself to Marco Rubio In Campaign Ads

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Akin's latest ads make some odd comparison's to the Crist-Rubio race.
Charlie Crist was once a sure-bet, GOP-backed pick for U.S. Senate, until a superstar dark horse named Marco Rubio came along. Todd Akin was once a sure-bet, GOP-backed pick for U.S. Senate, until he opened his mouth to tell the world that he doesn't believe "legitimate" rape can cause pregnancy and his horrified party abandoned him.

Somehow, in Todd Akin's world, this series of events means that he's in exactly the same spot as Marco Rubio! So Akin is now blasting the web with Charlie Crist-themed ads to try to win back support to his floundering campaign.

The Missouri candidate's ads don't make a lick of logical sense if you stop to think about them, but he's clearly banking on the fact that Republicans will see red when they think about the former GOP candidate who has now backed Obama and is scheduled to speak at this week's Democratic National Convention.

Crist would have been a Florida senator is the "corrupt party bosses" of the GOP had their way, Akin claims in this ad:

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Akin's Facebook feed has been peppered with allusions to the race, asking his supporters last week, "Remember when the party bosses wanted Charlie Crist instead of Marco Rubio?"

On Saturday he wrote, "Charlie Crist epitomizes political opportunism. Seems that's what the party bosses are looking for."

The "party bosses," we're assuming, would actually be pretty damn happy with any candidate who doesn't alienate three-fourths of his would-be female voters with insane statements about rape.

Rubio is probably none too happy with the analogy either, considering he was "pushed out" of the race because the party already had a candidate -- not because he was a national laughingstock.

But putting all logic aside, it's interesting to see that Crist has become a boogeyman for Republicans -- and amazing that his infamous hug with Barack Obama is still getting political traction.

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drakemallard topcommenter

the gop think putting tokens=the white house


diagnosed with MS in 1998 and has Horse name Rafalcaa=women vote


 Metal Fabricating aka We Built It that received $800,000 in tax-exempt revenue bonds,= blue collar vote  can't win as a Democrat,


so he becomes a Republican=bl ack vote Lied About His Cuban Exile Immigrant Background"=A Cuban on the ballot means nothing to the general population of the Hispanic community=Hispanic vote



when will Rubio start working for jobs in Florida ??? he should stop campaigning and vacationing and self promoting his book on our Florida time and get to work !!!


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