10 Awesome Cars That Used To Belong to Drug Dealers You Can Buy at Auction Today

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U.S. Marshals are holding an auction out in Opa-locka today of cars seized from various convicted drug dealers through out South Florida. About 50 vehicles are up for grabs, including antiques, muscles cars, and Italian sports cars. Riptide has browsed through the inventory and picked our 10 favorites. Update: Sorry, the auction is now over
1930 Ford Hot Rod
Henry Ford may be the father of the American automobile industry, but he never lived to see the day when his cars were re-imagined as a bad ass douchemobiles. 

1998 Dodge Viper GTS
The dream of every American boy growing up in the '90s was to pick up Pamela Anderson in their Dodge Viper and go hang out with the Ninja Turtles. Buying this would bring you one-third of the way there, and we're pretty sure Pam is still available. Unfortunately, the Ninja Turtles do not exist. 

1966 Chevy Corvette 
You ever wonder why blowers popping out of the hood was a thing? The answer is because it looks friggin' awesome so stop asking questions you nerd. 

2008 Ford Mustang GT
This car is painted in smoke camouflage so you can drive by a pack of stoners without being detected, which actually comes in handy a lot when you're a drug dealer. 

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Francisco X. Ravelo
Francisco X. Ravelo

Look's like something in the Japanese Super GT Touring Car Championship

Live Bee Removal
Live Bee Removal

they can keep all those rides .. ... i rather ride a tricycle

Shaneeva Y
Shaneeva Y

"Head to Opa-locka today if you want to nab a drug dealer's ride." no information on the auction posted. Where? when? what a joke!

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