Barack Obama Holding Campaign Rally at University of Miami Today

This afternoon, the President of the United States returns to the University of Miami for the second time in three weeks, one week after Mitt Romney slapped him up in the first televised presidential debate. The last time Barack Obama visited the Coral Gables campus, he was telling Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and a largely Hispanic audience during a Meet-The-Candidate forum that the biggest failure of his administration was his inability to overhaul U.S. immigration laws. Of course, Barry blamed Republican lawmakers for standing in the way.

Today, we're expecting the commander-in-chief will throw a few Big Bird jabs at Romney, as well as highlight the former Massachusetts governor's latest flip-flop on his anti-abortion stance, and a whole lotta of yadda, yadda about how the Republican nominee is going to make it harder for college students to receive help from the federal government.

Oh, he'll also be talking about the economy, stupid.

The University of Miami has certainly been friendly turf for Obama. Student newspaper The Miami Hurricane conducted a poll of 101 students who plan to attend today's rally finding that 61 percent waited in line for 30 minutes on Monday and Tuesday to get their tickets. Thirty-one percent said they waited for more than an hour.

Before the Univision forum three weeks ago, almost 7,000 students signed up for a lottery to get in. Only 375 students attended that event. The president is coming to Coral Gables with some polls showing Romney has pulled even with him in the Sunshine State. Although one poll by the University of North Florida released yesterday shows Obama leads Romney 49 to 45 percent in Florida thanks to overwhelming support among African-American and Hispanic voters.

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