Carlos Bertonatti Is Finally Back in Court Over Killing a Cyclist on the Rickenbacker Causeway

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Carlos Bertonatti
Will Carlos Bertonatti finally go to trial over the death of cyclist Christophe LeCanne, the 44-year-old cyclist police say a drunken Bertonatti slammed into on the Rickenbacker Causeway? Signs finally point to yes.

For the first time since his trial was delayed for the ninth time back in March, Bertonatti appeared in court today, the Miami Herald's David Ovalle reports. Bertonatti's trial date for October 22 still stands.

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Although Ovalle reports that Bertonatti's defense team was heard discussing a plea deal, for now, no such deal has been reached.

Bertonatti has been on house arrest for more than two years now. Police say he killed LeCanne early on a Sunday morning, on January 17, 2010.

The aspiring pop singer fled from police and refused a DUI test; a blood test, forcibly taken by officers, later showed his blood-alcohol level well above the state's legal limit.

Bertonatti faces a felony count of DUI manslaughter plus two other felonies; he's pleaded not guilty.

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This dirtbag has been getting a free ride far to long.  The latest(ninth) moronic continuance is for TEN DAYS BEFORE IT WILL HAVE BEEN THREE YEARS SINCE Christopher LeCanne WAS KILLED.  Christopher LeCanne's death was not accidental, as Carlos Bertonatti and his attorney would like you to believe.  While there may be absence of malice aforethought, Carlos Bertonatti still knew what he was doing.


He should be convicted of 'Vehicular Homicide'(Title-XLVI, Chapter-782, Section 782.071), locked up for life, and the key thrown away.


The family of the innocent biker killed by Carlos Bertonatti should sue Club Space for serving him when he was drunk.  


He deserves to be locked up for life w/out bail. This was no accident. He purposely dragged the bike after he plowed down the rider, despite all the other riders in the key telling him to stop, and he went home to sleep while the rider was pronounced dead! No mercy for this guy!!



The killer left Club Space drunk and then he killed an innocent citizen.

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