Casino Groups Could Be Pushing to Put Gambling on 2014 Ballot

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After Genting Group's aggressive push to shove gambling down the throat of the Florida legislature this year failed spectacularly, gambling interests have taken a more low key approach to eventually opening the sunshine state to more gaming. They may be looking to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2014, but could also just be using that as a tactical move to force the legislature's hand.

New Jobs and Revenues for Florida, a political action committee, has raised just under $1 million since it was founded in April. Genting has denied involvement with the group, but most of the groups money has come from Bayfront 2011 Development, LLC or Resorts World Miami, LLC, two Genting connected companies.

According to Miami Today, the PAC is preparing efforts to get an amendment on the 2014 ballot.

"They're doing a lot of legal analysis and polling analysis," No Casinos for Florida President John Sowinski told the paper, "which tells me they're having a hard time finding something that the voters will have the stomach for."

Though, Sowinski also theorizes that the threat of a ballot measure could just be used to move the legislature's hand. The ballot measure could, for instance, provide for a lot less funding for the state than could a deal worked out directly with the legislature.

However, other gambling interests, including Las Vegas Sands, say they still believe the best way to get gambling legalized in Florida is directly though the legislature. A ballot measure would have to be approved by 60 percent of all voters.

Genting shook the state when it announced it had bought the current site of the Miami Herald and unveiled plans to turn it into an ostentatious resort centered around a full-service casino. After failing to get gambling laws changed however, the company announced scaled-down plans without a casino.

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Gambling is just a scheme to take money from idiots and give it to billionaires.  



Wow. Talk about bias. "...shove gambling down the throat of the Florida legislature..." How exactly do you shove something down the throat of a legislature that consistently ignores the will of Florida residents and only listens to lobbyists who heavily donated to GOP candidates?

Sounds like it was Disney doing the shoving in the form of barrels of cash to keep any gambling bill from even reaching the floor for a vote.


I hope the New Jobs and Revenues for Florida PAC will be able to get the casino decision put on the ballot and away from  Norman Braman's influence and out of the job-killing hands of  corrupt Tallahassee politicians.   How  much influence will No Casino Group have in stopping progress in Miami?  With New Jobs’ new push, how far will the anti-casino crowd go in order to kill competition for gaming and tourism dollars?  




The No Casinos for Florida PAC isn’t forthcoming about the reason they oppose Genting.   No Casinos’ funders, Disney, the Seminoles and the Miccosukees, do not want to share gambling revenue.  A Miami resort casino will bring competition  for gambling and tourist dollars.   This is nothing but greed at the expense of downtown Miami.



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